New Build Information

At Principality Building Society we are committed to supporting the New Build Market.

We understand how important it is to keep things clear and simple and that you need answers quickly to be able to help your clients through the buying process. This is why we now have a dedicated Team and Account manager available for your New Build enquiries. Contact us on 0330 333 4021 or by e-mail

Definition of a New Build

We define a New Build as a property not yet constructed, purchased off-plan or in the course of construction or newly constructed where the property has not previously been occupied.

Did you know that:

  • We lend up to 90% LTV on New Build residential properties in England and Wales
  • We lend up to 75% on Buy to Let New Build flats or houses in England and Wales 

Key criteria:

  • We lend up to 90% LTV on Residential new build flats and houses in England and Wales*
  • We lend up to 75% LTV on Buy-to-Let new build flats and houses in England and Wales*
  • Extendable offer period for new build - 6 months initial with 6 month extension
  • We offer HTB Wales and HTB England up to 75% LTV on selected products (please note we do not offer HTB London)
  • We accept Forces HTB schemes
  • No mortgage commitment fees or completion fees
  • Architects certificate accepted up to 90% LTV

* Subject to lending criteria

Other Highlights:

  • Incentives - Builder's incentives (for example the payment of Stamp duty) are acceptable provided they are fully disclosed, taken into account by the surveyor and are on the CML Discloures Form. No maximum value cap.
  • Family gifted deposit accepted*
  • Non-EEA Foreign Nationals accepted*
  • Up to 4 applicants accepted with all 4 incomes*
  • Leasehold Houses and Flats accepted (min 85 years on the lease application)
  • Holiday Let accepted at Buy-to-Let rates
  • No credit score differential by LTV

*Subject to lending criteria

For full list of acceptable New Build warranty providers please refer to the CML lenders handbook 

View our Lending Criteria here

New Build Guide View information from our key criteria to our case packing checklist in our handy guide.

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We're a team of friendly mortgage professionals who are on hand to help you with your new build cases. We understand that when it comes to New Build time is of the essence and you need answers quickly.

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