Your Views Matter

  • 6th largest UK building society
  • A mutual building society, owned by and run for the benefit of our 500,000 members
  • Over 150 years experience
  • Taking care of over £9 billion of our customers' assets
  • Members can access a Member Rewards page featuring competitions, discounts and more.

Graeme Yorston, CEO at Principality Building SocietyAs the sixth largest building society in the UK, we put our Members & customers at the heart of everything we do. That is why throughout the year we conduct a number of customer market research programmes, in order to better understand you and your needs.  Your feedback is important to us, it gives us the opportunity to continually improve and to act on things that matter the most to our members.

The paragraphs below summarise some of the ways in which we conduct our customer research:

Customer Satisfaction

We conduct a number of surveys through our real time customer feedback tool Maze. This research is conducted online following an appointment with a member of staff within our Principality branches.  They are very quick to complete and give our staff direct feedback on which they can act upon to enhance the customer experience across our distribution channels.

Member Talkback in Llanelli

Research Panel

We also have a research panel, which currently consists of over 6,000 customers. These customers regularly take time out to give us feedback on many aspects of the business including our products, services and on our communications to customers. This research is conducted online and comments and suggestions we receive from the Panel have been extremely useful in helping us to make improvements across the business.

Talk-Back Events

In addition, we hold regular “talk-back” events around Wales to which all of our customers are welcome. These provide Members with the opportunity to hear about our business performance and also to have their say on what they love about Principality and what they would like to see made better.  These events are regularly attended by our Executive and Leadership team who are keen to hear Members’ feedback first hand.

Across all the above methods, we carefully review feedback from Members and customers in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our service offering. Members frequently tell us that they value our friendliness and helpfulness, and that they feel we treat them as individuals. They also tell us that they appreciate how knowledgeable our staff are when helping them. These are aspects of our service that we seek continually to enhance and improve.

AGM 2013 in Wales Millenium Centre

Member Forum

A panel of our Members meet four times a year with our executive team to voice their opinions – good or bad – on the Society and give feedback on new initiatives. For more information, visit our Member Forum page.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM gives you the opportunity to vote and put questions to our Board.

By continually putting our customers at the heart of our decisions and involving them in every step of the process, we continue to strive on our commitment to be the most recommended financial services provider in Wales.

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