Research Panel

When it comes to our products, services and communications, we want to know your honest opinion – whether you're an existing customer or just thinking about becoming one.

Your feedback will help us build a better Principality for everyone, by making sure we're offering the right accounts and products for our customers, and that our communications are clear and concise. 

What does the Customer Research Panel involve?

We’ll simply ask you to complete an occasional online survey on things like new products, marketing literature and other customer communications. These surveys are quite short, and should take you no more than 10 minutes.

We won't bombard you with surveys – we might send you one every three months, depending on what we need to test. It won't cost you anything, and there's no obligation to respond to every survey. If you're too busy, that's fine.

Win £100 in vouchers.

Each time you complete a survey, as a thank-you we'll enter you in a prize draw for £100 in vouchers.

Can I opt out of receiving surveys?

Yes, all emails will have an unsubscribe option. Or you can email us at any time using

Do I have to be a Principality customer to be part of the Panel?

No – everyone is welcome to apply to join the Panel. We welcome feedback from both customers and non-customers alike.

How often will you send me a survey?

Definitely not more than once every two months – in fact probably every three months at most.

How will I know an email is from Principality?

We will never ask you for sensitive personal data, information about your account, or your log-in details. The sender will appear as Principality Building Society, from the email address