Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol

Your opportunity to meet Principality directors and colleagues, hear about our achievements and future plans, make your opinion count and voice your thoughts.

Principality is your Society and, as a Member, you have the right to make your opinion count, voice your thoughts and make a real difference to our future success. This is exactly why we'd like you to register your vote at every year's Annual General Meeting. At Principality's Annual General Meeting you'll have the chance to meet our directors and colleagues, hear more about our achievements over the past year and discover how we're planning to take the Society forward. Of primary importance is your right, as a Principality Member, to cast your vote at elections, which are fundamental to our continued success. Even if you're unable to attend, it's very important to vote - ultimately, we're owned by you and run for your benefit. Take a look below at how you voted in our most recent Annual General Meeting.

Principality's Annual General Meeting is your chance to influence our future policies, share in our success and let us know your views. Please don't miss this opportunity to make your voice heard.

Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blyneddol - Canlyniadau Pleidleisio 2017

  Cynnig Nifer y pleidleisiau O blaen % Yn erbyn %
1 Derbyn Adroddiad yr Archwilwyr. 26,038 98.41 1.59
2 Derbyn yr Adroddiad Blynyddol a Chyfrifon. 26,034 98.37 1.63
3 Ailbenodi Deloitte LLP yn archwilwyr. 25,363 96.39 3.61
4 Ethol Cyfarwyddwyr:
4(a) Ailethol Laurence Philip Adams 25,241 96.18 3.82
4(b) Ailethol Nigel Charles Annett 25,356 96.61 3.39
4(c) Ailethol Natalie Cecilia Elphicke 25,412 96.66 3.34
4(ch) Ethol Julie-Ann Haines 25,510 97.04 2.96
4(d) Ailethol Derek Anthony Howell 25,289 96.40 3.60
4(dd) Ailethol Stephen James Hughes 25,365 96.63 3.37
4(e) Ailethol Robert Michael Jones 25,430 96.85 3.15
4(f) Ailethol Sally Jones-Evans 25,234 96.03 3.97
4(ff) Ailethol David James Rigney 25,173 96.20 3.80
5 Cymeradwyo'r Adroddiad ar Dâl Cydnabyddiaeth Cyfarwyddwyr fel y'i nodir yn y Cyfrifon Blynyddol. 23,359 90.38 9.62

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