First Time Trier

Welcome First Time Triers

Pronunciation: \ˈfərst ˈtīm ˈtrī(-ə)r\

Noun: A person who is trying hard to save money, to buy their first home.

Saving up to buy your first home? Arranging a mortgage and buying a home can seem daunting or complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. We break down the barriers in our easy-to-understand video guides, infographics and more.

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In this video, Kim and Matt explain what First Time Trier is all about and what types of videos you’ll find here.

Househunting 101

In this video, Kim tells us how to find a home to buy.

Mortgage Translator

Confused about all the different mortgage terminology? Here’s Kim and friends with a handy mortgage jargon buster.

How much does it cost to buy a home?

Kim talks us through all the different costs you will need to consider when buying your first home.

How Long Does it Take to Buy a Home?

In this video, Matt explains all the different stages between finding your first home and actually moving into it.

Recent News

7 top tips for scrubbing up your dream home

We spoke to 2,000 First Time Triers and discovered that over a hefty half of you would be put off buying your dream home by sinister smells, one third by unsightly stains on the walls and 25% by general grubbiness.

First time buyers put off dream home by stains and smells

New survey by building society reveals a bad smell and stained carpet would put first time buyers off buying a house…even if it was their dream home

7 decorating hacks that every first time buyer should know

You’ve bought your first home. Yay! Now you’re done with the adrenalin rush of sealing the deal, the real fun can begin.

Need more help?

That first step on the property ladder can feel like the biggest step. You may still feel a little unsure or need further guidance. Maybe you're looking to see how much you can borrow? You might just want to talk to someone or maybe you're ready to apply for your first mortgage?

We can help you whatever stage of the journey you're on.