Switch Your Mortgage Online

If your mortgage deal with us is within 3 months of ending, it's time to find a new deal. This is easy and simple with our online rate switch and will only take 10 minutes to complete.


What happens when I switch online?

  1. View all mortgages that are available for you to switch to.
  2. Compare the monthly payments of switching to different mortgages.
  3. Shortlist the mortgage products you are interested in and compare rates, features and monthly payments using a Key Facts Illustration (KFI).
  4. If you are happy to switch your mortgage without seeking advice then you simply need to confirm the mortgage product you wish to switch to.
How Do I Switch

Just 3 steps to switch your mortgage online

Step 1

Enter the account number of the eligible mortgage account followed by your date of birth and sort code of the account you pay your mortgage with.

Step 2

View our Mortgages
Select one of the range of mortgages that we’ve prepared for you to switch to.

Step 3

Choose your mortgage
If you are happy to choose your new mortgage without seeking advice, simply confirm your selection and we'll do the rest.

What do I Need

✔ Your mortgage account number (you'll find this on your mortgage statement or any letter from us about your mortgage, including mortgage maturity notifications)

✔ Your date of birth

✔ The sort code of the account from which you pay your mortgage (you'll find this on the card, cheque book or any statement for this account)

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