Bond Maturity FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a look at our most commonly asked questions regarding our Bond Maturity process.
If you can't find the answer to your questions, you can contact us by phone on 0330 333 4000 between 8.00am - 8.00pm weekdays and 9.00am - 1.00pm Saturday.

I've entered my account number & security code and nothing is happening

Please check you've supplied the correct information - the screen will show errors to help you. Your account number & security code can be found at the top right hand side of your maturity letter.

Why are some products already 'sold out' when I've only just received my letter?

All of the options listed have limited availability and can sell out quickly.

Can I change my mind after submitting my instruction online, prior to maturity?

You are unable to complete another instruction online once submitted. However, if you wish to change your instruction prior to maturity, complete your original paper instruction and either visit your local branch or post it to the address at the bottom of the letter.

Do I have to select an option?

No, upon maturity, your account will automatically mature into our Instant Access product. If, at a later date, you want to transfer to another product, contact us by either visiting, your local branch or contact us on 0330 333 4000 during our working hours.

How do I print or save my maturity confirmation?

You can print or save your maturity confirmation by clicking on the 'print / save' button on the last screen ('your savings bond is set to mature'). Either click on 'save a copy' or the print icon in the top tool bar.

I forgot to save my confirmation - how can I get confirmation of my maturity selection?

If you call us on 0330 333 4000 during our working hours, we can arrange a confirmation letter.

You can contact us by telephone between 8am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 1pm Saturdays. We are not open on Sundays or bank holidays.

How can I contact Principality?

You can phone us on 0330 333 4000 during our working hours or write to us at the address below;

Principality Building Society
PO Box 89
Queen Street
CF10 1UA

I don't want to transfer my bond to a new product - what can I do?

You can transfer your bond into another Principality account, close your account or have your account transferred to an external bank account by Faster Payment. Please refer to your maturity letter or contact us on 0330 333 4000 for help and advice.

When can I see how much interest has been applied to my account?

If you have a passbook, your interest will be printed in your passbook when updated and on your account statement if you have opted to receive paper statements.

If you have a certificate, your interest will be displayed on your annual statement.

If you opened your account online, you can view how much interest has been applied by logging into 'Your Account'.

Why don't I need to send in my passbook?

Once your maturity instruction has been confirmed and you have matured to your chosen product, you will retain the same account number as shown in your passbook.

Can I get my passbook updated?

Yes. Once the account has matured please send it to us at the address below or visit your local branch. (The maturity date was confirmed as part of your online savings bond instruction);

Principality Building Society
Savings Team
PO Box 89
Queen Street
CF10 1UA

What happens to my certificate once my bond has matured?

You can keep your existing certificate for your records. We will send an updated copy of your certificate showing the new product after maturity.

I've lost my maturity letter with my security code - what do I do?

Please contact us on 0330 333 4000 and we will be able to provide you with the details needed to complete your instruction online.