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15 July 2014

Only Boys Aloud Blog: Part 1

In the run-up to this week's Principality Only Boys Aloud Academi (an intensive training academy for 32 selected singers from Only boys Aloud, designed to develop young and outstanding Welsh musical talent), we visited Only Cardiff Boys Aloud during a rehearsal to meet the boys and find out a bit about being in the choir in general. Here's part one of what we discovered, featuring Hugo.

Name: Hugo Dodd

From: Cardiff

Age: 14

Only Boys Aloud Choir: Cardiff

What singing experience did you have before joining OBA?
Not much before really, I have done a year of choir in school previously and have also done a very small amount of performing in and outside school.

How did you get involved with OBA?
My friends suggested it to me so I came along with them and enjoyed it.

What impact has singing with OBA had on you?
I believe I have become more confident and my voice has improved to a certain degree in style and range.  I have also learned to enjoy music more since I joined. It’s just great really, people can join together just to make a load of noise but it also gives you a real sense of achievement when it sounds good and you all have your part to play in the choir.

What has been your best experience with OBA?
The performances.

What’s your favourite song to sing with OBA?
Well, I love the classics like Calon Lan, Sospan Fach and You Raise Me Up but also love singing newly composed pieces.

Outside of OBA, what sort of music do you like to listen to?
I really like ‘90s music. I love mainstream music but also really enjoy listening to music from the past. I love Chris Cornell, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and stuff like that.

What does the future hold for you?
Just focusing on school work at the moment. It would be really great to do more performing in the future and I really enjoy singing and music making so it would be great to go in that direction.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining OBA?

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Published: 15/07/2014