What is a building society

17 April 2015

What is a building society?

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What is a building society

Building Society Infographic 

A mutual building society is owned by and run for the benefit of its Members (savers and borrowers).

No shareholder interests to satisfy, so all our profits are put back into the society, to benefit the Members. 

The key priority is to keep Members’ money safe.

What’s a Member?
Members are individuals who have a mortgage or savings account with a building society

More than just a customer, this gives you the right to:

  • Make your voice heard
  • Challenge the way your society is run
  • Vote at an Annual General Meeting
  • Ask questions of the Board

No shareholders expecting dividends means lower running costs and better service levels.

Building societies aren’t listed on the stock market.

Unlike banks, building societies have a limited reliance on the money markets leading to a safer business model.

Published: 17/04/2015