Chepstow Agency

22 September 2015

High Street Week: Chepstow

Principality Building Society has been on the high street for over 150 years. This week we are celebrating the valuable contribution our busy high streets make to the Welsh economy, as well as the vital role they play in community life.

Today we focus on our Chepstow Agency. We are very proud to have 18 agencies in Wales and around the borders, but how do they differ from a branch?

Name: Carrie O'Donnell

Agency: Chepstow

What is an agency?
A banking agency is an independently-owned ‘counter’ found within estate agents, solicitors or insurance agent’s offices. They are used to complement our main branches and offer another way of carrying out a range of face-to-face transactions. Principality has 18 agencies around Wales and the borders.

Role: Cashier

Number of staff members in branch?

What makes your high street different?
Chepstow is quite a historic town with its castle and grounds and the arch leading you into town, which was originally the only entrance through the port wall built in 1278. It has a quirky style with its cobbled roads, riverbanks and historic plaques on the pavements outside certain buildings (including ours) to explain its occupancy over the years. Chepstow is a tourist town and we have a lot of visitors from all the over the world who come to explore.

What makes your high street important?
Chepstow High Street is the main street in the town which includes a range of facilities and stored for local people and people from neighbouring towns. We also have a lot of visitors from cities nearby, including Bristol as it is on the border.

How does your agency support your high street?
Since our branch opened a year ago we have had many people come here from Bristol and other areas as Principality does not have any branches or agencies in that area and we are the nearest agency for them. Having these people visit us also helps to improve footfall and the economy of Chepstow.  We are also happy to get involved with the community in the local area when the opportunity arises and recently we have supported Chepstow RFC.

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Published: 22/09/2015