Maindy Corries FC Under 15s

20 October 2015

New football team scores with new kits

A newly created football team in Cardiff is on target thanks to some new kits from Principality Building Society.

Maindy Corries under 15s, which was created by two of the team’s players, has just received a full kit from Wales’ largest building society as part of its Kit of the Month competition.

Sian Williams, Principality’s Whitchurch branch manager, said: “We are proud to support grassroots sport in the communities in which we live and work and Maindy Corries under 15s is a fantastic example of communities working together.  When we heard the story of how the team was created just a few months ago by three of the youngsters that play in it we really wanted to help get them started.

“They have managed to find enough players and coaches to kick off this season and we hope that with their new kits they will have a fantastic season.”

Roger Smith from Maindy Corries under 15s, said: “Everyone on the team is hugely appreciative of the support from Principality. It means a huge amount to all the players and coaches of this new team.

“This season will see the team proudly sporting the Principality name on the kit which I know will make them feel extremely proud of their achievements in forming this team.”

Every month one sports team from around Wales and the borders is selected to win a new kit from Principality up to the value of £500.

If you want to apply all you have to do is visit and fill in the online form or visit one of Principality’s 53 branches or 18 agencies around Wales and the borders. 

In the last year, Principality has supported a number of similar initiatives including a surf life-saving group in Llantwit Major, a cricket team in Ynystawe and a school netball team in Mold.

Published: 20/10/2015