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20 October 2016

Heart-warming HandyVan donation from Principality will keep older people safe this winter 

Principality building society has put its love for the home to good use by supporting an older person’s charity in its mission to making homes across Cardiff safer and warmer for older residents. 

The Society has donated £10,000 to Age Cymru’s HandyVan service, which travels around the capital fixing odd jobs in elderly people’s homes, allowing them to stay independent for as long as possible.  

The money from the Principality will help the scheme, which has already supported more than 800 people across the city remain viable for the future by funding vital materials and resources.  

The HandyVan fits everything from smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to stair banisters and door and window locks, as well as using energy efficient bulbs and draught excluders in the home helping the owner to save money on bills.  

Graeme Yorston, Phyllis Preece and Sean Overbury from Age Cymru in Phyllis' kitchenGrangetown resident Phyllis Preece, aged 78, who has benefitted from the scheme, said: “The service makes a huge difference to my life. I can now go to bed knowing that my smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and door locks are all working properly.  Such simple jobs like these give me peace of mind. What I really like about the service is that I can trust the person who has come into my home as there are a lot of bogus traders about these days.” 

Graeme Yorston, Group Chief Executive for Principality Building Society, joined Age Cymru at Phyllis’ home to see just how the HandyVan could help around the house.  

He said: “We are passionate about helping people across Wales prosper in their homes. From changing a lightbulb to tightening a screw on a door, these simple tasks can often make a huge difference to an older person and make them feel secure in their home.   

“It’s been great seeing how Principality’s investment will support the HandyVan scheme and most importantly allow older people to remain in their homes for as long as they can.”   

As well as providing materials for the scheme to work, the money donated by Principality will also create a fund for those with specific financial difficulties, but who desperately require support in their home, meaning Age Cymru can engage with older residents regardless of their circumstances.  

HandyVan’s Sean Overbury explained: “The support from the Principality Building Society is invaluable as it will enable the service to reach more vulnerable older people and make their homes warmer and more secure.”

Published: 20/10/2016