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16 January 2017

Home Improvements for 2017

With the New Year upon us, there is no better time to look ahead and make plans for your home in 2017. Are you looking to increase its value with a view to moving? Or is there renovation work you can no longer put off? Here, Christopher Johnson, Mortgage Product Manager at Principality Building Society, runs through some of the home improvements projects you could take on this year.

From a lick of fresh paint to adding a conservatory to your house, both small scale and larger home renovations can have a significant effect on your home. As well as breathing a new lease of life into the property, it can add to the home’s value in the long run. Taking on large structural changes to your home can require careful planning, requiring a consultation with a trusted builder and ensuring you’re in a financially sound position before committing. The following home improvement options run from the lowest to highest cost, giving you an idea of what you might be able to realistically afford this year.

Repainting external doors and windowsills

With typical Welsh weather leaving doors and windowsills looking worn, regularly repainting where necessary can quickly make your home look fresh again, without seriously breaking the bank. A large pot of paint can cost £20-£30 depending on the brand and colour. One pot may even last throughout the year for small external paint jobs, making it a very cost effective way to keep your home looking fresh and updated.

Fitting double glazing

Designed to reduce heat loss from the home and therefore decrease your heating bills, double glazing is an investment that could increase the value of your home. However, this could cost several thousands of pounds, which is why it’s a popular choice of many households to take on this work in small sections of the home over the course of several months. One standard double glazed window can cost around £300-£400 on average, but if you’re getting several windows or doors double glazed at the same time you may be able to strike a deal – don’t be afraid to ask.

Invest in the garden

A well-kept garden can be the showstopper of a property and certainly somewhere to focus your attention in 2017 if you’re keen to add value to your home. Laying new turf, adding a patio area, updating the fencing and so on, could cost £2,000-£10,000 purely based on the size of your garden. However, if your garden isn’t in dire need of a complete makeover, you can keep it in good condition by doing it yourself.  Tending weeds, cutting back overgrown shrubs and painting fences are relatively easy jobs that can make a real difference to your outdoor area.

Adding a conservatory

While this is a large structural project, it’s one that doesn’t usually take very long to complete, often within a month. A conservatory adds extra room to your home which can increase the value of the property as a result. Initially however, you are looking at a cost of £10,000-£20,000 depending on size and materials used. Before committing to this price tag, think carefully about whether a conservatory is suited to your property. Do you have views to look out at? Will the conservatory fit the style of the house or look out of place? And finally, will enough natural light come in to the room to make it worthwhile?

Getting a new kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so for prospective buyers this will likely be an extremely important area of the house which could even clinch the deal for some. Updating your kitchen or creating an open plan kitchen-living space can add both value and atmosphere to a property. Fitting new kitchen units, installing a new oven, repainting and so on costs on average £8,000-£15,000. However a much larger scale extension to create a kitchen-diner can cost from £20,000 requiring longer term planning before work can commence. Both of these home improvements will have some effect on your living space for some time, for instance not having access to a kitchen for a few weeks at a time. Think carefully about whether 2017 is the right time to take on this work. Do you have other large expenditures coming up? Whatever the case, this type of large project will have a positive impact on your property’s value, when the time is right for you. 

Published: 16/01/2017