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22 August 2017

5 cooking hacks to keep the kids occupied this summer

Six weeks can seem a long time if you’re at home looking after the kids, especially when the weather is as typically British and rainy as it has been recently. You might be struggling for ideas to keep them occupied on rainy days or while trying to save money on days out, but fret not!  Here at Principality Building Society, we’ve got five hacks for you to get children of all ages involved in fun child-friendly cooking activities that will fend off rumbling stomachs and keep them entertained a little while longer…

  1. pitta pizzasPitta pizzas
    A great quick fix for a healthy lunch, this recipe will have the little ones prepping their own ingredients and crafting their own pitta pizzas.  Wholemeal pittas are cheap and cheerful, working as the perfect alternative pizza base to the heavier dough equivalent.  Get the kids to spread each pitta with a teaspoon of tomato purée (sundried is the tastiest), and top with fresh veg – peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onions and mushrooms all work well.  Add a sprinkling of low fat cheddar on top to give them the final touch, and cook on a baking tray and a preheated oven at 180C/Gas 5 for 10 minutes, or until the cheese has started to bubble and the pitta has bronzed slightly. Delish!

  2. LemonadeHomemade fruit juices
    It’s super easy to make homemade lemonade, orangeade, berryade… you get the idea! Homemade fruit juice or pop is a great way to make refreshing drinks and use up any leftover fruit in the meantime.  What’s more, you don’t need much more equipment than a pair of hands, a sieve and a big jug (if you’re happy for it to take some time).  Let the kids get stuck in to squeezing enough fruit for around 250ml of juice.  While they’re doing that in a different area of the kitchen, you can bring 100g of caster sugar and two pints of water to the boil in a large pan.  When the sugar dissolves into the water, turn off the heat and let it cool – that’s your syrup.  Sieve the fruit juice into a jug and add the syrup, as well as an additional two pints of cold water.  Pour over ce into glasses, add some slices of fresh fruit and you’re away!

  3. Ice lolliesReal fruit mini-popsicles
    Instead of drinking your fruit concoctions straight away, consider transferring a little portion to an ice cube tray.  You can buy popsicle sticks from most supermarkets; making the mini ice lollies is as easy as placing a stick in each cube and letting them freeze.  If the kids are in a really creative mood, you can get them to add fresh fruit like raspberries or blueberries to the tray, which will freeze into a fruity surprise in the centre of the lollies.  The added bonus is it will keep them cool on hot summer days. Yum!

  4. Lunch boxSandwich shape cutters
    “If you go down to the woods today…” Which young person doesn’t love a teddy bears’ picnic? And, when the weather is good, it’s one of the best summer holiday activities going. So, get the family busy preparing the food for the feast by investing in some playful shape cutters, perfect for sarnies or baked treats. You can buy the cutters on eBay, Amazon or at your local Tesco in all different shapes and sizes including some popular cartoon characters, hearts, stars and so on…ideal for keeping your children entertained prepping for the picnic for hours! 

  5. Cookie decoratingCookie dough art attack
    It’s hard to beat the smell of freshly baked cookies drifting out of the kitchen throughout the rest of the house. But, to keep your children entertained this summer, get creative with decorating these tasty treats once they’ve cooled down. From planets, to funny faces, to their favourite animals, your little ones can really use their best art flair here making the cookies look as good as they’ll taste! 

Published: 22/08/2017

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