Annual General Meeting

Our priority is always the safety of our Members and colleagues, and so given the ongoing challenges, we made the decision to host our Annual General Meeting (AGM) online this year. We’re fortunate that some of our colleagues were also eligible Members and so attended the meeting in person, fulfilling our legal requirements. We know this may have been disappointing to Members, however hope that you understand and agree with the approach.

This is still your Society, however and so it was really important to us that you had the opportunity to hear from your Board, and ask them questions. Thank you to everyone who attended our first virtual AGM from the comfort and safety of their own homes, and to our Members who submitted their questions in advance. To our Members who were unable to join us this time, you can read the transcripts of the speeches from Laurie Adams our Chairperson, and Julie-Ann Haines, our Chief Executive Officer below. You can also watch some of our Board Members discuss some of their personal highlights to date, and focus areas for the future.

Hear the Board discuss their experience, highlights and priorities for next year

Our interactions with Members are so helpful in understanding where we need to focus and improve, but also what we must continue to do. We really hope to resume in-person events in the future, when guidance allows, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Until then, please continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Voting Results 2021

  Resolution For Against Withheld For %
1 To receive the Auditors' Report 21,987 286 272 98.72
2 To receive the Annual Report & Accounts 22,003 277 264 98.76
3 To re-appoint Deloitte LLP as auditors 21,075 1,011 459 95.42
4 To approve the Report on Directors' Remuneration as set out in the Annual Accounts 19,750 2,031 765 90.68
5 To approve a Special Resolution to amend the Rules of the Society in the manner specified in the document produced to the Meeting and initialled by the Chairman for the purposes of identification 20,623 901 1,021 95.81
6 Election of Directors:
6a To re-elect Nigel Charles Annett 21,168 857 519 96.11
6b To re-elect Thomas Denman 21,199 840 505 96.19
6c To re-elect Debra Elizabeth Evans-Williams 21,083 940 524 95.73
6d To re-elect Claire Andree Hafner 21,210 836 501 96.21
6e To re-elect Julie-Ann Haines 21,309 766 472 96.53
6f To re-elect Derek Anthony Howell 21,013 966 567 95.60
6g To re-elect Robert Michael Jones 21,152 864 531 96.08
6h To re-elect Sally Jones-Evans 21,161 888 497 95.97
6i To re-elect Iain Alexander Mansfield 21,062 906 579 95.88
6j To re-elect David James Rigney 21,074 894 577 95.93

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