Terms and Conditions

You may, by going to our website at www.principality.co.uk, register for viewing of any of your Accounts on-line even if those Accounts are not Accounts which may be operated and managed online.

If you do this, you must:

  • Keep any activation code, password or memorable word secret and not write down or record this information.
  • Notify us immediately on 0330 333 4000 if you believe that the security of your information has been compromised.
  • Not access your Account information on-line in a public place, where it can be seen by others.

We reserve the right to suspend use of any of your Accounts without giving you a reason (if to give you a reason would compromise our security measures or be unlawful) if we have reasonable belief that the security of any of your Accounts has been compromised by use of this facility.

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