3 August 2016

Home to a Strong Half Year Performance

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Home to a Strong Half Year Performance Infographic

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Home to a Strong Half Year Performance

We’ve delivered a secure financial performance and excellent trading results for the first half of 2016. We’ve exceeded £8bn in assets for the first time in our history, supporting the priority to be a resilient and safe home for members.

Key Performance Highlights

  • Group assets of £8.2bn
  • Savings balances increased by £298.7m
  • Net retail mortgage balances of £5.6bn (31 December 2015: £5.2bn)
  • Gross residential mortgage lending for the first six months of the year of £802.4m (30 June 2015: £554.7m)
  • Pre-tax profits of £23.9m (30 June 2015: £23.2m)
  • 85.7% of mortgages funded by savers
  • Strong capital with a Common Equity Tier 1 ratio of 20.3%* (31 December 2015: 21.0%)
  • Arrears levels remain consistently low, with the percentage of first charge cases greater than 3 months in arrears currently standing at 0.62% (31 December 2015: 0.62%)

* Excluding unaudited interim profits. The equivalent ratio including interim profits to 30 June 2016 would be 21.2%.

Supporting our Communities

We’ve helped over 70 local groups

With over £40,000 of sponsorship from our branches

Our staff have given over 500 hours to community volunteering

And we raised over £33,000 for our three charity partners

Cancer Research Wales | School of Hard Knocks | Llamau

Published: 03/08/2016

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