17 May 2019

Simple Summer Holiday Savings - Part 2

Whether you're booked and ready to go or are still looking for a last minute deal, there are always ways in which you can reduce costs when planning your summer holiday.

The cost of a trip abroad can amount to a hefty sum, but there’s no reason why you can’t save some cash when booking your much-needed break. Here’s part two of our quick-fire holiday saving tips…


1. Sort your transfer before you arrive

Don't be tempted to just book a taxi to your accommodation when you arrive at the airport - they can sometimes cost as much as a night's hotel stay. Before travelling, check what public transport is running at the time you are due to touch down. This is likely to be the cheapest option. Alternatively, organise a shuttle service using specialist websites.


2. Don't go with the first travel insurance policy you see

It is never worth the risk to travel without insurance, so don't risk not being covered for the unpredictable. Premiums will vary according to the type of policy and level of cover you choose, but a family policy can often work out cheaper than individual cover for each family member.

If you have more than one holiday planned in a year, an annual policy could prove to be the most cost-effective option. Shop around using comparison sites to find the best deals and chose the product that covers you for the things you need.


3. Sorting your holiday money

It is impossible to predict the best time to buy your holiday money, and the best-value bureau can change daily. Make sure you shop around for the best exchange rate.

If you holiday abroad and decide to use your debit or credit card, make sure you check the terms of your card to ensure you’re not caught out with any hefty fees.


4. Budget before your trip to avoid regrets when you get back home

Work out your spending pot and allocate a daily amount – if you are taking cash, separate into daily piles so you have your daily allowance ready.


5. Check on overseas mobile charges

Data roaming charges in the EU don’t currently exist*, but if you are travelling outside the EU, double check with your mobile provider to see what charges exist for data roaming. If non-EU countries aren’t included in your mobile package, avoid charges and turn off your data roaming and connect to Wi-Fi as and when you can.

Lots of hotels, cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi hot spots. Alternatively, if you need to use your phone a lot while your away, ask your mobile provider if you are able to add on a bolt-on package. *correct as of 14/05/19

Published: 17/05/2019

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