9 April 2020

Six ways to enjoy Easter at home

Easter might feel a bit different this year but there are still lots of ways you can have fun and celebrate at home!

Celebrating this special tradition can bring comfort during these trying times and serve as a welcome distraction. And you know what else? You don’t need the outdoors to have a good time.

We’ve pulled together some ideas for you and the family…

1. Organise an Easter egg hunt

As you can’t go on a traditional Easter Egg hunt this year, why not bring the hunt to you! You can still organise an Easter egg hunt at home, which will keep the little ones entertained. Get creative and use all the rooms in your house – and make use of your garden if you have one.

You can hide treats, decorated eggs or egg-shaped clues around your house and make your very own Easter Egg hunt. If you’re limited on space you might have to be a bit more creative with hiding places – such as under pillows or in drawers.

2. Egg decoration

If you’re family are into arts and crafts, why not have a go at decorating your own egg this Easter? Decorating eggs makes a great art project to keep the kids occupied during the Easter break and it can be lots of fun for the whole family. Once you’ve decorated them they can also be used in an at-home Easter egg hunt.

3. Get even craftier

Along with decorated eggs, there are lots of other ways you can get crafty with around Easter.

We recommend further reading online or on Pinterest for lots of great ideas that only require everyday items that can be found around the home, such as Egg Carton Spring Chicks or Easter Bunny Cups.

4. Get baking

We all love an Easter treat – but for those with a sweet tooth, it doesn’t need to start and end with choclate eggs! Try your hand at some baking this Easter – and get the kids involved too. Get them to research the recipe online, write it down and then you can help them follow the instructions. Cakes, cupcakes, crispy cake, hot cross buns… the list goes on.

5. Video chat with family and friends

Even though you might not be able to enjoy the occasion with extended family and friends, there’s no stopping you from catching up and celebrating over a video call. You could even host a quiz night – something that seems to be taking the UK by storm! You can get everyone involved using online apps.

6. Watch a bunny – or funny – movie
Grab a packet of mini eggs, cosy up on the couch and watch a move. It doesn't need to be an Easter movie but just make sure it has a hoppy ending.


Published: 09/04/2020

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