Receiving your AGM voting information by email

As a mutual building society, we’re owned by our Members, which means each year you can vote on key decisions for the Society, like who makes up our Board of Directors.

As a Member owned organisation, it’s important to us that as many of our Members as possible take the opportunity to vote.

During February we are sending email communications to our customers who have an e-account or have registered for Your Account with us, to advise them that during March, if they are eligible to vote, we will be sending their Annual General Meeting (AGM) voting information pack by email. If you don't tell us that you want a postal pack by 23:59 on 5th March 2020, you will receive yourAGM notice and voting information by email.

If you have received this email, please see below for a list of some common questions you may have. Of course, if you prefer not to receive your AGM information by email, that's no problem.  Simply click here and enter your details, by 23:59 on 5th March 2020, and we will ensure you receive your voting pack by post.


Why have I been chosen to receive this?

We’re giving you the opportunity to receive your AGM information in this way because:

  • Email is how we currently most often communicate with you, as you have an e-ISA or e-Saver Account or you have registered for our online service Your Account.
  • And you’re currently eligible to vote in our AGM as of the 31st December 2019. 

What if I would prefer to receive a paper pack?

Simply let us know by clicking on the link in your email by 5th March 2020, follow the instructions, and we’ll update our records to ensure you continue to receive your 2020 AGM paper pack by post.

What if I don’t let you know I want a paper pack in time?

If you decide you want a paper pack but don’t let us know by 5th March 2020 you will still receive the AGM notice information by email. You can get in touch with us to request a postal pack after this date, and we will provide one to you within 21 days of the request.


How do I know this email is genuine?

Your postcode, if we hold it, will appear at the top of this email. We’ll also never request confidential security information via email. 

Can I change the email address you use to send me information?

Yes – simply update the email address you’d like us to use via Your Account or by calling (0330 333 5547) by 5pm on 5th March if you would like to receive this year's AGM notice and voting information via your new email address.

Can I use a different email address for marketing emails?

We can only use one email address for each Member for all our communications. So if you’ve opted in to receive marketing emails, this is the address we will use. 

Why are you contacting me now when AGM voting opens in March?

We want to make sure we’re giving you enough notice, so if we need to update your contact details we have time to do this and you don’t miss out. Our AGM mailing is sent to so many of our Members and we realise its importance to you. Therefore, we have a cut off date of 5th March 2020 to allow us time to run checks before it is sent. 


Does this mean I will now start receiving marketing emails from you?

Absolutely not. This change does not affect your marketing preferences. If you’ve opted out of receiving marketing emails from us, we will continue to not send them. You can update your marketing preferences in Your Account or by calling (0330 333 5547).

When will I receive my AGM voting pack by email or post?

Your pack will be sent out week starting 23rd March 2020.

When and where is the AGM taking place this year?

This year’s AGM is being held at Cardiff City Hall, on Wednesday 29th April at 11am.

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