Basic Principles of buying a house

Basic Principles

So, you’ve decided to buy a house, congrats! It might be that you or you and your partner are itching to get on the property ladder, you may be fed up of renting and you want more stability, or you might have got a new job and buying a house is now within your reach.

Whatever your reason, this workout will help you choose where you might want to buy, how much you would need to borrow and how best to use any saving accounts you have alongside our first time buyer savings account.

View House Price Index

Where do you want to live?
Is there an area where you’ve always dreamed about living? Take a look at our House Price Index that's released every quarter which shows all the regions in Wales and their average house price. There could be an area you’ve never considered before that’s within your reach! 

See how much you could borrow
Now you have a better idea of where you might like to live, use our Mortgage Calculator to see how much we could lend you and to see how much the monthly mortgage payments could be.

View the First Home Steps account

How can I save?
Our First Home Steps savings account can be used on its own or alongside another scheme you’re using to help build your deposit. There’s a tiered interest rate so the more money you have saved in there, the higher the rate. Find out more here or if you want more access or a fixed term, see our other savings accounts here

Download the app

Download our First Home Steps app, a free pocket guide to the house buying process.

Download our Budget Planner  to fill in your outgoings and see how much you can put away to save!