Strong Customer Authentication

At Principality, we're committed to making sure you stay safe when using our online services

All UK banks and building societies will be carrying out extra security checks to help keep you safe when managing your finances online.

It’s called Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA for short. SCA is designed to help us all fight fraud and improve the security of online payments.

The process, to make sure it’s really you, is known as two-factor authentication. Two of three categories below must be used to do this.

Principality’s SCA solution on our online service Your Account will use the first two of the three categories when you log in and when you move money to your linked account:

  • Something you know e.g. password, which Your Account customers already have
  • Something you have e.g. mobile phone. Many Your Account customers have already provided their mobile number. As part of the new Your Account login, we’ll send a passcode to your mobile, so it’s important we’ve got the right number and that it’s unique to you.
  • Something you are e.g. fingerprint.

If we don't have your mobile number

If we don't have your mobile number, we can't send you a pass-code and you won't be able to log in.

Keeping you safe and secure

Strong Customer Authentication

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Principality online services are affected by SCA?

Online services affected by SCA are:

  • the log in to our new Your Account, and
  • moving money to your linked account.

You’ll need a one time passcode (OTP) to complete both.

Which Principality customers are affected by the changes?

If you’re a Principality customer registered for our online service Your Account, we’ll need your current mobile.

As part of the log in for the new Your Account, we’ll send a passcode to your mobile, so it’s important we’ve got the right number for you.

We’ll be in touch to ask you to provide your current mobile or check that the number we have for you is correct. If you’re a Principality customer who hasn’t registered for our online service, you don’t need to do anything now. If you decide to register for Your Account later, we’ll need your current mobile number.

What do I do if I don’t have a mobile number or a mobile signal?

If you don’t have a mobile number or haven’t got a mobile signal, you won’t be able to log in to the new Your Account. Don’t worry you can still call us to manage your account.

If you have an online only savings account*, you can call us to continue to manage your account.

*An online only savings account is opened online and managed by using our online service Your Account.

If you have another type of account, you can also visit a local branch or post a request to us.

We will continue to review our solutions to meet the requirements of the SCA regulations.

How can I provide my current mobile number?

You can call us to provide your current mobile number.

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