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How to help vulnerable mortgage clients

Research findings released by the FCA in February make required reading for everybody in the financial services industry: over half of adults (53%) showed a characteristic of vulnerability in October 2020, an increase of over 3 million since February 2020. 

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A unique solution for first time buyers – with long term help from mum and dad

We’re seeing growing interest in Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgages, and with good reason. The acronym may not roll off the tongue, but there are more and more JBSPs coming to market, and they’re filling an important gap. 

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Top Broker Queries for MSO

We understand it can take time to get used to using a new system, like our new Mortgage Sales and Originations (MSO) platform. To help answer your queries, we’ve compiled a list of top broker queries around using MSO.

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Mortgage Terms: is 35 years the new 25?

Much like they say 40 is the new 30, or 50 the new 40, a 35 year mortgage is the new 25 year mortgage, to quote a broker I was recently talking to. He was talking about the increasing tendency for home buyers to take out longer mortgage terms.

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We're working hard to support brokers through these challenging times

Mortgage brokers, for the most part, are upbeat about prospects for the mortgage market this year. Nearly a third (30%) expect business volumes to increase in the coming quarter, Savanta’s Mortgage Intermediary Survey has shown.

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