Product Transfers

You can now earn a procuration fee of 0.20% for residential and Buy to Let product transfers.

To avoid delays to your client’s product transfer, please ensure you are registered on our MSO system.

Product transfers can be processed up to 14 weeks prior to your clients maturity date.

The process is simple, following 3 easy steps:

  1. To find out the details of your clients’ existing mortgage please email a completed copy of the Customer Information Form to  We will send you everything you’ll need to choose a new product.
  2. To request a Mortgage Illustration for the new product please email a copy of the Rate Switch Form to
  3. Once you have your client’s permission to proceed with the new product please email the, confirming you wish to proceed. The Intermediary Retention Team will action the rate change on your behalf and send the confirmation directly to your client.

If you have any questions during or after the rate switch process please send us an email, we will respond within 2 working days. 

*Please note if your client’s rate ends this month, we will require an email confirming the client wishes to proceed by the 20th to process for the following month*

A change to mortgage term can be actioned in conjunction with a rate change.

Please be aware that once a rate is secured for the client, we will be unable to change it regardless of whether the rates change.

What happens if my client disagrees with the valuation figure?

We will work from your client's original valuation or the HPI, whichever is the higher. If your client disagrees you can input their figure on the KFI request along with a brief rationale for our consideration.

Can I change my client's term?

Yes, you can amend your client's mortgage term in conjunction with the product transfer.

Can I change my client's repayment type?

The client would need to manage this separately with our Direct Mortgage Centre on 0330 333 4030.

Can I arrange Further Lending or a Transfer of Equity for my client?

The client would need to manage this separately with our Direct Mortgage Centre on 0330 333 4002.

Will I receive a copy of the client's mortgage offer?

An offer will only be sent to the client one month prior to the product transfer taking effect.

When will my client benefit from the new rate?

The new rate will only apply when the existing rate has matured regardless of when the product transfer has been processed.

How long will the Illustration be valid for?

Illustrations will be valid for 14 days. If a new retention range is launched in the interim a further Illustration can be requested on a new rate.

When will I receive my procuration fee?

We will pay the procuration fee the following month after completion, providing that the rate change was completed by the 20th of the month.

If my client has an existing flexible mortgage can they transfer on to a fixed rate product?

Clients with flexible mortgages can only avail of a discounted mortgage product.

Are there Holiday Let rates available for product transfers?

There are no specific product transfer rates for Holiday Lets, you are able to use the Buy to let range.

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Our Product Transfer Process

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