Criteria that helps to break down income barriers

Traditional working patterns are changing and having a consistent regular income is no longer common place. At Principality Building Society, we assess each case on its own merits and our experienced underwriters take the time to understand and consider each individual case based on your customers’ needs.

Our criteria can help your customers that are:


We pride ourselves on being flexible for the self-employed, by accepting applications for those who have been self-employed for just 2 years.

Customers that are sole traders, partners or part of a limited company can provide us accounts from within the last 18 months, not just the last 12 like many other lenders require. 


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Medical Professionals
Whether your customers are just starting out in the medical industry or a locum doctor or bank nurse that work in numerous locations, we can help!

Newly qualified medical students can submit an offer letter confirming their start date and salary as proof of their income and we will accept the last 6 months earnings for locum doctors and bank nurses of which we will take an average.


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Day Rate Contractors
We don’t require three years of accounts, as long as the customer’s minimum annual income is £50,000 we will calculate the income using the day rate x number of days worked x 48 weeks. 


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Supply Teachers
Supply teachers, along with locums and bank nurses, are only required to provide 6 months proof of income which makes it easier to prove that your customer has a regular and sustainable income.


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We're here to help!

We realise that along with the complexities of your customer’s job, you both want a mortgage process that’s simple. Our lending decisions aren’t made by computers but people. We have experienced underwriters that take the time to understand and consider each individual case based on your customer’s needs.
Discover how we can help your customer by contacting your local Field and Desk Business Development Manager here or viewing our Lending Criteria for Other Incomes.


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*The above points are subject to lending criteria and affordability


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