You can view all your Principality accounts online – and more. When you log in you will be taken through security details. So why not take a look at our demonstration videos.

What to Expect

Following your feedback, we have improved our online accounts service. This means:

  • You can view all your Principality savings and mortgage accounts online
  • You can view all your balances
  • You can send us secure messages about any of your accounts
  • You can continue to transact online with your eSaver/eISA account with improved help and guides

Security Changes

If you have an eSaver or eISA and haven't logged in for a while, the information you enter when you log in for the first time will change.

When you log on, you will be asked for a new memorable word, a memorable word hint and we will email you a new User ID. Your password will not change.

Please remember that we will never direct you to the login page from an email or ask you for any of your memorable information or passwords by email or telephone.

Login FAQ