Britains ideal home

14 October 2014

Britain's Ideal Home Infographic

We asked people what they like about their homes and what they would change. Here's an infographic showing what we discovered.


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 Britains ideal home




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Britain's Ideal Home

We asked 1000 adults across Wales and England to tell us some home truths about their houses and mortgages. Here's what we discovered...

8% would change their neighbours!

Only 15% would swap houses with their neighbours

98.5% want to change something about the house they live in

A Star Trek 'Holodeck' was one of the most 'out of this world' home improvements wished for!

15% feel the most comfortable in the master bedroom

12% would love a fully equipped gym

9% want a web-enabled kitchen to order groceries for them

Only 10% feel most comfortable in the kitchen

In the lounge

57% are at their most comfortable here...

55% choose magnolia or neutral tones

...and 90% watch TV

30% would love a swimming pool

5% would have a full size rugby or football pitch!

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Published: 14/10/2014