4 September 2015

First time triers think luxuries are more important than buying a home

Research by Principality Building Society revealed today has shown the shocking truths of what first time buyers consider non-negotiable luxuries while trying to get on the housing ladder.

In a survey polling 1,000 people across England and Wales who are actively saving to buy their first home – dubbed first time triers by Wales’ largest building society - results showed that a coffee-chain hit and smartphone are more important than putting extra money aside for their first property. 

With the average asking price of a home for first time buyers in the UK at £169,414*, a 5% deposit would be £8470.70, which could be reached in 12 months if a couple put away £353 each per month. This may seem like a struggle to save for but by making some small changes Principality has found that the dream of owning your own home could soon be a reality.

The survey showed that people are already saving £286.51 per month for a house deposit, but are still splashing out an average of £218.38 on perceived ‘necessities’ while they wait in vain to own their own piece of the market.

Smartphones, beauty treatments and satellite TV were named as the hardest luxuries to give up, closely followed by a regular coffee shop fix (with 55 per cent not wanting give this up). 

Nearly two thirds (59 per cent) of people would give up takeaway food in a heartbeat to get on the ladder, followed closely by taxis and dining out. If respondents were to give up all three, research showed it would add an extra £62.41 to their monthly savings.

Regular jet setting is also high on the list of non-negotiables, with over half of respondents (56 per cent) claiming they would never give up holidays to put their roots down in an owned property a lot sooner.

Principality’s customer director, Julie-Ann Haines, said on the findings: “We know that saving for a deposit can seem like a huge burden, which many first time buyers feel they can’t afford but by making some minor changes to their spending habits, they could soon realise their dream of becoming a home owner.  

“By simply doing things like swapping a takeaway coffee for a flask of coffee from home each day or by cutting back on the city breaks for a year people could soon have that deposit that they have longed for. A saving of £218.38 a month can make a huge difference when you are trying to reach your deposit.”

To help this nation of first time triers Principality Building Society has today launched First Time Trier, a toolkit aiming to break down the barriers and put the fun back into first time buying.  You can check it out on the website or on Twitter @FirstTimeTrier

Julie-Ann added: “We want to give first time triers all the information they need to help them get on the property ladder and own their first home. It can be one of the most rewarding moments of your life, giving you a place where you can seek the independence you’ve always wanted or finally start a family.

“By simply cutting back on the everyday luxuries for a short time it will enable you to save more in the long run, and ultimately be on the housing ladder much sooner than anticipated.”


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Published: 04/09/2015