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18 May 2021

Top Broker Queries for MSO

We understand it can take time to get used to using a new system, like our new Mortgage Sales and Originations (MSO) platform. To help answer your queries, we’ve compiled a list of top broker queries around using MSO.

If we haven’t been able to answer your query below, for further FAQs, useful documents, guides and manuals, please visit our MSO support hub

Can you send the offer letter to my solicitors as they haven’t had it?
All offer documents are uploaded to the ULS Portal for the solicitor to access when the case goes to offer.

How can my solicitor get access to ULS Portal?
All solicitors were given access to the ULS Portal when they registered with ULS. If a solicitor or conveyancer is not on our panel, they should apply with ULS directly at This should be completed within 48 hours of the request. Should they need further support, they can contact ULS via telephone: 01844 390 821 or email at

When do you instruct valuations?
We instruct valuations on applications that are an ‘accept’ on Day 1. We will instruct valuations on applications that are a ‘refer’ once all case requirements are uploaded to MSO and satisfied. 

How can I find out what date the valuation is booked in for? 
All updates are shown in case tracking on MSO, this includes the date of valuation once it is booked in.

When will the case be reviewed?
We regularly update our service levels on our website, you can find them on our homepage.

How do I take back control of a case?
You can find a step-by-step guide to taking back a case in our ‘How to videos’ section in the right hand column of our MSO support hub. Please ensure you select the product and resubmit, as well as amending the decision in principle.

What is a suspended case?
A case will show as suspended because either you have taken back control of the case or the underwriter has suspended the case for a particular reason. If the case has been suspended by the underwriter you should receive a follow up email from the underwriter advising to take back control and carry out any required updates.

I can’t find my FCA number when I try to register? 
Please use the firm registration form, in the ‘Guides and manuals’ section in the right-hand column of the MSO support hub.

My login details aren’t working?
Please ensure you are using your login details for MSO and not for our previous system Brokerpoint. If you haven't registered for MSO, please visit our MSO registration page.

Do you send the accountants certificate to the accountant?
You will need to send this document to the accountant. You can find the accountants certificate in the ‘Forms for use in the mortgage application process’ in the right-hand column of the MSO support hub. This document needs to be returned to us directly from the solicitor.

How do I input a director’s income?
You can find a step-by-step guide to inputting this income type and many others under the ‘Guides and manuals’ section in the right-hand column of our MSO support hub. Please ensure you input the correct years’ income in the correct boxes within MSO, otherwise the case may decline.

How do I key family gifted equity case? 
Please select the ‘Purchase from Family Member’ option as the ‘Property Ownership Type’ in the ‘Loan requirements’ section of the application in MSO.

For any further queries, please visit our MSO Support Hub.

Published: 18/05/2021

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