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Over 500 of you entered, but here are our winning 12 stories who will all see their stories on a seat at Principality Stadium and tickets to watch Wales play at Principality Stadium.

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Siân Davies, Wales v Scotland
The Perfect Proposal

Siân Davies' father played rugby for Wales in the 70s and 80s. Welsh rugby's in her blood and her soul. It always went without saying that whoever she ended up marrying would have to be a rugby-lover too. So, when her partner, Gavin, took her to Principality Stadium to see Wales v Scotland in 2018, she knew she'd found the man for her. But this match was going to be anything but ordinary for the pair. Without Siân knowing, Gavin had planned the ultimate wedding proposal to a Welsh rugby fan.

As they arrived, instead of heading off to their seats, Siân was whisked onto the pitch, accompanied by a squad of soldiers. There, surrounded by 74,000 people, Gavin got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Without a second's hesitation, she shouted, "Yes!". The pitch-forkers raised their forks to form an arch, and the crowd cheered as they walked through, hand-in-hand and headed back to their seats as fiancées. For Siân, it was perfect.


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Andy Holvey, Wales v South Africa
Making new friends with Welsh cakes

In 2018, Andy Holvey and his family arrived at Principality Stadium early - Andy's daughter is a keen singer, and the pre-match singing was bound to be a highlight. Some eager South African fans arrived in the row behind and got chatting as they took to their seats, resulting in plenty of friendly banter.

Both sets of fans belted out their national anthems with pride, and when they'd finished, the South Africans said they'd heard the Welsh were famous for their singing and that Andy and his family had not disappointed. Andy's daughter practically glowed with pride! At half time Wales were winning convincingly, so, to soften the blow, they shared their family tradition of half-time Welsh cakes with them, and they were delighted to be included. At the end of the game, they all shook hands, glad to have met one another, and Andy's daughter gave their new friends the Welsh Cake recipe so that they could bring a little bit of Wales home with them.

Close up of rugby ball

Tom Pook, Wales v Samoa
This is where our love story started

In the year 2000, a bunch of rugby-mad youngsters went on a trip with their rugby club's mini rugby section to watch Wales play Samoa at Principality Stadium. One of them was Tom Pook. He was so excited to see Wales play and the experience of being with his friends in the stadium was thrilling. As it happened, he ended up sitting next to a girl he didn't know. She was the mini's coach's stepdaughter, Carly. They got on like a house on fire – both totally captivated by the game. And as the match drew to a close, they knew they really liked each other and shared a little peck.

They became childhood sweethearts and have been together ever since. They've been happily married for ten years and have two children together. And Principality Stadium will always hold a special place in their hearts.


Close up of goal posts in Principality Stadium

Don Wilson, Wales v England
Honouring songwriter Les Reed with a special performance of Delilah

Avid rugby fan Don Wilson has hundreds of fond memories of watching his beloved Wales play at home over the past 50 years. And a regular fixture of all those stadium visits has been a song loved by Welsh fans the world over – Delilah by Les Reed. So, when Don was given the opportunity to work with Venue Sales Manager Alex Luff to arrange a special performance of this song to honour its co-creator, Les Reed OBE, some 50 years after he wrote it, Don was thrilled.

Before the Wales v England game in 2019 – a much-anticipated match for both sets of fans – Welsh west-end legend John Owen Jones belted out the familiar tune and seventy thousand fans joined in the rousing chorus. Les' daughter Donna and her children sat with Don and listened in tears of joy, knowing how much joy Les' song had brought Welsh rugby fans over the years. It was a magical moment made even more poignant, as Les passed away just a few weeks later.


Girl in rugby shirt

Deborah Bishop, Wales v England
Celebrating my daughter's turn as a mascot

Deborah Bishop's daughter Chloe got an extra special introduction to international rugby because it wasn't as an ordinary fan. At their first live match together, Deborah cheered from the stands as Chloe was a mascot for the women's game against England. It was an incredible experience to run out on the pitch carrying the match ball! Then Chloe and her mum were treated to not one but two spectacles, they watched the women's game and then the men's game in Principality Stadium too.

They were blown away by the fans' camaraderie – it didn't matter if they were wearing red or white; everyone was there to have a good time together. Deborah and Chloe decided to get a glimpse of the men's team between matches, so they stood near the stadium's gates to watch the team buses arrive. Chloe struggled to see through the crowd initially, but people quickly noticed and helped her make her way to the front. It felt like a big rugby family surrounded them – it was a truly memorable day!


Low shot of Principality Stadium pitch

Torin Preece, Wales v Australia
Being part of the Remembrance Day Honour Guard

When Torin Preece was discharged from the army due to an injury, his mental health suffered. So, when Help For Heroes invited him onto their Pathfinder course, along with a group of other veterans, he eagerly joined. During the course, the veterans were invited to be the Honour Guard on the pitch at Principality Stadium for the Remembrance Day match against Australia.

The group arrived early to get an exclusive audience with the choir as they warmed up. And they got to meet several of the players and their families - a wonderful treat for the rugby fans! Going out onto the pitch to lead the tribute to fallen servicemen and women was an incredible honour and an amazing moment for all involved. During the game, the group sat with other members of the military and witnessed Wales beat Australia for the first time in years. It was a real rollercoaster of emotions, and a day Torin will never forget.


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