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Our AGM is on 12th April 2019 and we'd like to see as many as our Members there as possible. It's a great opportunity for all our Members to use their vote and have their say. Our Members will be voting on key decisions such as who makes up our Board of Directors. To help get to know our Board, you'll find short videos below from some of our Non-Executive Directors, explaining their responsibilities as chair for each of the Board Committees they lead. You can also hear from Laurence Adams, our Chairman, on why it's important our Members vote at the AGM.

Laurence Adams - Chairman

Meet Laurence and hear why it's important for our Members to vote at the AGM.


Sally Jones-Evans - Non-Executive Director

Meet Sally and learn more about the Remuneration Committee which Sally chairs.


Derek Howell - Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

Meet Derek and hear about the responsibilities of the Audit Committee which Derek chairs.


Nigel Annett - Non-Executive Director

Meet Nigel and learn more about the Customer and Conduct Committee which Nigel chairs.


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