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6 tips to create a home office in any space

Last updated: 22/07/2021

Even if you don’t have much space in your home, it’s worth trying to carve out a dedicated office area.

As well as helping set some boundaries between work and the rest of your home life, this can provide a handy refuge to quietly get through some life admin or even spend some time on your hobbies.

You might not have a whole room to turn into an office, but there are plenty of ways you can get creative with the space you have.

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Start by reducing your office clutter

If you’re fitting your office into a small space, you might want to start by cutting down on your office clutter. A great tip to begin reducing the amount you need in your home office, is trying to go paper free if you can. Avoid printing out documents, make notes on word and use your laptop calendar rather than a paper one.

Transform your dressing table into an office space

If space is limited and you’re struggling for room to place a large desk, why not double up a dressing table as a workspace?

Make sure you choose furniture with a large enough surface for your office equipment and any toiletries. If your dressing table is in your bedroom, make sure to soften the desk with photo frames, house plants and a stylish lamp to stop your room feeling too much like an office.

Why not make yourself a ‘cloffice’?

A clever and inventive way to make use of unused space is to transform cupboard space into a closet office, or ‘cloffice’. If you have any walk-in cupboards in your house, give them a fresh lick of paint or wallpaper, look for a small desk to fit the space, put up shelves for storage and you have your very own home office.

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Take advantage of your home’s layout

If you have small nooks and alcoves in the walls of your home, these could make the perfect home office space. Fit a desk to a small alcove in your wall and put up wall shelves in the space above it. This means your home office is almost entirely confined to a small nook in your home, giving the illusion of more floor space, making your room feel larger.

Garden office

Who said a home office needed to be inside your home? If you’ve got an outbuilding with lots of space – or full of old junk you can dump - you could convert it into a garden office. This may involved more of a large-scale renovation but it leaves you with more space inside your house for other things. It also means four walls still separate business and pleasure.

A good chair is essential

Regardless of where your home office fits in your house, your chair is one of the most important features. If you’re going to be sitting at your desk for long hours, a comfortable and supportive chair is a must. The chair is also a central part of the design, so if space allows opt for something bold and statement, maybe even play around with bright colours.

Invest in office storage

Your office being filled with clutter can be a huge distraction when it comes to knuckling down with some work. Avoid mess by investing in a good storage system to keep everything tidy. Aim to get drawers that fit underneath your desk or install shelves above it to keep things compact if you’re limited on space.

Hang up a pinboard to store any loose bits of paper or documents and leave your desk feeling nice and clean.

Once you’ve created a dedicated space for your home office, you can start making it your own and put your own style on it.

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