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Room hacks for your new home

8 room hacks to make your house a home

Last updated: 22/07/2021

We all want our home to look like it belongs on the front cover of an interior magazine. Luckily, you can achieve a photoshoot-ready house without making any dramatic renovations. Here are eight room hacks to make your house feel like a home without the hefty price tags. 

1. Hang mirrors in small spaces

Mirrors are a great accessory for any room. Strategically placing mirrors in small rooms or cramped corners can make the space feel larger and more open. You can place a mirror in any room of the house and it creates a light, airy feel. An ornate or art deco style mirror can also become the centerpiece of a wall, or even a whole room.

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2. Add plenty of storage to avoid clutter

With minimalist interior styles dominating Instagram and Pinterest, selling all of your possessions often feels like the only way you can achieve a clutter free design. But what about some good old storage? 

As a rule, try to keep the things you love on show and hide what you don't. As well as making your house worthy of Instagram, keeping your home tidy and organised can be really satisfying. 

Make the most of storage space under beds, in the attic and in cupboards. Also, invest in lots of shelves and drawers. But ultimately try to be creative with the way you store your things. For example, hang old bed slats to your wall for an inventive way to hang items.

3. Fill your home with lots of soft furnishings

To make your house feel like a home, a common tactic is to fill it with soft materials to create a comforting feel. Choose a sofa in a soft leather, suede or velvet and stay away from rough or scratchy materials. If your sofa is on the tougher side, dress it with soft throws and some faux fur decorative pillows.

You should aim to do the same with your bed. Purchase gentle sheets, and pile it up with plenty of cushions and a chunky knit throw, and your bedroom will start to feel like it belongs in a five-star hotel. 

4. Bring the outside in

House plants make a room feel fresh and stylish, so try to bring some greenery indoors. You can get house plants of all different sizes, and some require very little maintenance.  A great plant for any room is a Monstera Deliciosa, otherwise known as a Swiss cheese plant. 

If you find your houseplants are dying within a few weeks, being a plant parent might not be for you. Instead buy fresh flowers each week to sit on display and brighten up your room. You could even set yourself a goal to grow something in your kitchen, such as fresh herbs.

5. Hang lots of art

Hanging art and wall prints is a great way to personalise your home and make it your own. Hang pieces that make you happy. Being surrounded by art that you enjoy looking at will lift your mood when you’re in your home. 

Your style is likely to change over time, so build up a collection of simple box frames to allow you to update your displays with new prints.

Whether you’re hanging Da Vinci in your dining room or creating your own pieces, there are lots of ways you can source unique wall art. An easy way to create wall art on a budget is to place wallpaper samples in mounted frames. 

6. Transform your bathroom into a spa

Give your bathroom a luxurious feel by transforming it into your own personal spa. Update your towels so they match, put out some fancy hand wash, display your favourite toiletries and install some house plants to make each relaxing bath feel like a retreat.

Add a bamboo bath tray and decorate it with a candle, plant and your favourite bubble bath. There’ll be space on it for a cuppa too.

7. Lighting is key

The lighting in a room can completely transform the ambiance. In rooms where relaxation is a priority, such as the living room and bedroom, you’ll want to make sure you have lamps with warm white bulbs to make it feel cosy. It’s also a good idea to light candles when you’re having some down time. 

8. Create a space that’s just for you

Make sure you have your own dedicated space in the house for you to enjoy. Create an area of the house that’s just for you – whether it’s a home office or a reading corner with a comfortable chair and a fluffy blanket. 
There are lots of ways that you can make your house a home, but most importantly you want to create somewhere that makes you feel happy and comfortable. You might not achieve your dream home décor overnight, so remain patient, and don’t be afraid of trial and error. 


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