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Saving to buy my first home

This is the first step in your home buying journey. To buy a home you’ll need to save for a deposit, and the amount you save makes a difference to how much money you’ll be able to borrow. There are other costs to think about too. In this section we explain the different costs that you need to consider so you know how much you need to save, as well as giving you some tips to help you get there.

How much do I really need to save?

How to save for a house deposit

Can I afford to buy a house?

How to save while renting

House saving calculator

Budget Planner

How much can I save each month?

Download our Budget Planner to fill in your outgoings and see how much you can put away to save!

First Home Steps Savings Account

Help me start saving

With a bonus of £500 if you take out a Principality mortgage, and interest that goes up the more you save, our First Home Steps account may be the choice for you. Terms apply.

How much do houses in Wales cost?

Take a look at our House Price Index that's released every quarter which shows all the regions in Wales and their average house price.

Click on the sections below to explore what you need to know at each stage of your home buying journey:

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