70% LTV Buy To Let Fixed Rate Mortgage

  • You need a mortgage for an investment property to let out
  • You'll know exactly what your payments are each month during the fixed period
  • You have the certainty of a fixed interest rate
  • You're able to borrow up to 70% of the value or purchase price of your property (LTV)
  • Borrow from a minimum of £140,000
  • You're able to borrow up to a maximum of £750,000
  • Product fee £1,395
  • Free valuation
  • There is no assistance with legal fees

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4.63% p.a.

Until 31/10/2029, then changing to our Standard Variable Rate (SVR)

7.60% p.a.

Our current Standard Variable Rate (SVR)

6.9% APRC

The overall cost for comparison


Maximum Loan to Value (LTV)

Product Fee £1,395
Mortgage Commitment Fee £0
Early Repayment Charge Please click on the Fees & Charges tab for details.
Maximum Loan £750,000
Important information

Important information

This mortgage is only available to people seeking to buy or re-mortgage a property in order to let it. This mortgage is not available if you already have more than 3 mortgaged buy to let properties owned solely, jointly or in aggregate irrespective of whether the loans are with the Society or another lender. Borrow from £140,000 up to £750,000 maximum (please refer applications over £750,000). You must buy a property worth at least £50,000 (£75,000 in London postal districts). This kind of mortgage is not available for: Multiple or short-term lets. Although the interest rate will not rise before the end of the fixed rate period, other factors may result in your payments increasing before this date e.g. unpaid amounts being debited to your account. This mortgage is not available for Holiday Lets.

  • Drawdown
    There is no drawdown facility with this product.
  • Payment holiday
    There is no payment holiday facility with this product.
  • Overpayment
    There is an overpayment facility with this product.
  • Underpayment
    There is no underpayment facility with this product.
  • Borrow back
    There is no borrow back facility with this product.
Fees & charges

Fees, charges and incentives

  • Product fees
  • Valuation fees
    The Principality Building Society will bear the cost of a Standard Report and Standard Valuation for Mortgage Purposes Only.
  • Legal fees
    There is no help with legal fees with this product.
  • Mortgage Commitment Fee
    There is no Mortgage Commitment Fee.
  • Early Repayment Charges
    You will incur an early repayment charge of 5% of the amount repaid if you repay in full on or before 31/10/2026, 3% of the amount repaid if you repay in full after 31/10/2026 and on or before 31/10/2028 and 1% of the amount repaid if you repay in full after 31/10/2028 and on or before 31/10/2029.
  • Cashback
    There is no Cashback facility with this product.
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A mortgage of £208,896 payable over 20 years initially on a fixed rate for 5 years at 4.50% and then on our standard variable rate of 7.60% (variable) for the remaining 15 years would require 60 monthly payments of £783.36 and 180 monthly payments of £1,323.01. The total amount payable would be £494,112.40 made up of the loan amount plus interest (£285,216.40), a product fee (£0.00), valuation fee (£0.00), telegraphic transfer fee (£8.00) and discharge fee (£65.00). The overall cost for comparison is 6.6% APRC representative.

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