7 decorating hacks that every first time buyer should know

You’ve bought your first home. Yay! Now you’re done with the adrenalin rush of sealing the deal, the real fun can begin.  Namely, putting your stamp on your new space.  But with time and resources likely limited, how can you hack a look for your house that makes it feel just like home?  Here’s our 7 of the best:

  1. Turn the unexpected into unique furniture

Sewing machine table turned into stylish deskCoffee table made out of palletts

Upcycling is in. And the more creative you can be, the better. While in the past you might not have thought twice about using milk crates to make a coffee table or turning half an old bathtub into a sofa, today it’s all the rage. Use your DIY eye to consider how you could turn a random object into a completely unique piece of furniture. Top tip: keep costs to a minimum by picking up bargains at car boot sales. Before long, your house will have never looked so cool.

  1. Utilise old candle holders for chic containers

Previously just the last minute gift you’d buy your mum at Christmas, as a first time buyer, candles are about to become the thing EVERYBODY brings you as a housewarming gift when they come around for a nose. Once those Cherry Blossoms and Linden Trees have burnt out, you’re going to be left with a load of glass holders. If you’re like us, you hate waste, so washing them out and using them as kitchen utensil holders or a home for your make up brushes is a smart move.

  1. Supersize your rugs

Supersized rug

How many times have you heard an estate agent use the word ‘bijou’ over the past few months? While small is cosy, chances are you’re going to want to make your rooms look and feel as big as you possibly can. One canny hack concerns the size of your rugs. The obvious move is to err on the side of small. Classic first time buyer mistake. The bigger the rug – we’re talking Aladdin big here- the bigger the space looks. It’s a trick of the eye. Trust us on this one.

  1. Create luxe décor looks without breaking the bank

Luxe Decor

After saving to buy a house, plus all the added costs that go with it, it’s unlikely you’ll have an excessive budget for furnishing your first home. But don’t fret, even the best interior designers cheat their way to ultimate house goals. Use contact paper to cover furniture like coffee tables, desks or bedside tables to give it a completely different, and often luxury, look. Marble is one of the most popular and effective materials that you can cheat your way to achieving with contact paper. And at a fraction of the price!

  1. Don’t be just another brick in the wall

Brick effect wall

It’s generally a given that you’ll want to change the décor in your new home. If you’ve bought a ‘wreck’ (a, ahem, technical term) you could well find yourself with exposed walls and open brickwork. But before you think about plastering over it, think again. Embrace the open brickwork, leaving it bare for a so-hot-right-now industrial look or painted white, Scandi style. More chic, less hassle, totally hacked.

  1. “They don’t make them like they used to”

Upcycle old furniture

Now that might sound like something your dad might say, but he’s right. Hand-me-downs can be heaven to first time buyers with a limited budget to do up a whole house. But what if these ancient pieces of furniture just don’t work in your lovely, fresh new home? Don’t be put off. Updating hand-me-downs can actually create a finished look that is so much better than buying brand new. Whether it’s reupholstering old chairs with fabric you love or painting less-than-fashionable old furniture to give it a new lease of shabby chic life, just like this unit pictured. Not only is this cheaper overall (yay) but it has loads more character.

  1. Versatile furniture is v. good furniture

Coffee Table

First time buyers are bosses at multi-tasking. You’ve juggled surveys and solicitors, mortgages and moving house. Imagine if you could find furniture which shared your skillset. The good news is you can. Double-duty furnishings are versatile, space-saving and unusually unique. Think of a coffee table which has a bookshelf built in or a chest instead of a coffee table.