9 home décor trends that are totally making a come back

Every first time buyer has the urge to rip up their new home and start again, demolishing the décor and putting their own stamp on the property (unless you’ve bought a new build of course).  But before you get your wallpaper scrapers out, remember what they say- that history repeats itself. And the same can be said for home décor trends.

The style of first time homes can often feel like relics from another time, previously loved by other owners, but antique styles – from retro wallpaper to pine furniture and terracotta tones – are once again getting the tick of approval from design experts across the globe.

Even if your new home is totally modern, decades past are inspiring new takes on old looks.  Deciding what colour palette and styles to theme your first home can take careful consideration, so we’ve pulled together some vintage décor trends from the last five decades to inspire you today.

Happy decorating! 

  1. Statement WallpaperStatement wallpaper

    From the 70s floral patterns to the fake brick style popular in the 80s, retro wallpaper trends most certainly have a place in 2017, adding an individual stamp on a room. Take inspiration from times gone by and add a bit of retro to your first home.

  2. Retro floor tilesRetro floor tiles

    You might find these in townhouses that haven’t been updated in several decades. But don’t be hasty in ripping these out to replace with wooden flooring or carpet. Funky floor tiles are bang on trend, giving a touch of originality to the property.

  3. PatternsMixing patterns and prints

    Using a mix of patterns and prints in the home is very easy to get wrong, but when done right it can add a unique quirkiness to the room. Mixing cushion patterns is a good place to start.
    Photo credit: www.sophierobinson.co.uk*

  4. Avocado Bath SuiteAvocado bath suites

    Four decades ago, pastel coloured bathroom suites were all the rage. You’d need to be a bold home decorator to bring this trend back to 2017. But if you’re bored of clinical white in your bathroom, take inspiration from the style gurus of the swinging 60s and opt for avocado (other pastel colours are available).

  5. Feature WallBright feature wall

    In an age when neutral tones dominates our homes’ colour palette, research shows that bright coloured walls – such as green, orange and yellow – can actually help us sleep more soundly than muted colours.
    Photo credit: www.dulux.co.uk*

  6. TerracottaTerracotta tones 

    The shade that was once shunned by design experts everywhere, terracotta tones – rusty orange, saffron and cinnamon – are being favoured once again for its earthy, natural warmth.
    Photo credit: www.dulux.co.uk*

  7. Built in wardrobeBuilt-in wardrobes

    A bedroom feature you don’t often see anymore, thrown out the window when minimalist style took over, these built-in wardrobes are great for storage. Opting for white over pine can modernise this furniture quickly.

  8. Linoleum FlooringLinoleum flooring

    This flooring faux pas is widely regarded as a thing of the past, particularly if it’s hiding some perfectly good wooden flooring underneath. But if you’re a fan of a kitschy, retro look, you could be the designer trailblazer to bring linoleum flooring back to 2017.

  9. Woodchip wallpaperWoodchip walls

    There are very few occasions where a woodchip wall is welcome in the home in 2017. More often than not homeowners are looking for tips on how to successfully remove it! But who knows, this décor trend of days gone by could easily make a comeback before long.
    Photo credit: www.homebase.co.uk*

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