Appointing a solicitor or conveyancer

Finding a solicitor or conveyancer

As you've probably come to realise, buying a house involves lots of legal details that need sorting out. First time buyers usually use a solicitor or conveyancer to help them get to grips with it all. When looking for a conveyancer or solicitor it's worth asking around to see whether friends or family can offer any recommendations on companies they've used previously.


Top tips when picking a conveyancer or solicitor

Remember to ask you conveyancer or solicitor if their quote includes searches and disbursements.

Searches are basically queries made to various 3rd party authorities to give you more information about the property you are looking to buy. These 3rd parties will include local authorities, environmental agencies as well as coal and water authorities.

Disbursements are the costs associated which the solicitor or conveyancer will pass on to you for doing these various searches among others such as bankruptsy and land registry searches.

What's the difference between a Solicitor and a Conveyancer?

Conveyancers are typically specialist property lawyers, but they can't deal with complex legal issues.  

Solicitors are qualified lawyers, so they can offer a full range of legal services.

Path to choosing a solicitor or conveyancer