Hints and tips

If you have children, keep a big cardboard box empty, sit them in there with some crayons / felt tips and they can decorate their own 'place' while you unpack.

Laura D

Pack a moving day box with the essentials to hand like mugs, kettle, tea, coffee, takeaway menus, cleaning stuff, toilet roll, soap and hand towels -plus some tarpaulin or something to protect your new home from all the dirt and mud that is carried in when moving.

Ann-Marie E

Very practical but worked for me - put clean bedding on your duvets and pillow cases and have sheets ready and keep in the car, so that at the end of a very long moving day you can make the beds with ease.

Rhian L

Don't be put off by what you see (i.e. what colour the walls are, or how dirty the place is), use your imagination to see the potential in the place and think about options for expanding the place or how you could improve it)

Andrew H

Make a 'bottom drawer' for all your tea towels, cutlery, cleaning products etc. you would be surprised how much these little things cost when bought altogether!

Victoria H

Get a file to keep all of your documents together e.g. mortgage documents, home insurance, and sofa order receipts. Staple the business cards for the estate agent, mortgage adviser and solicitor to the front. Keep this to hand in the run up to and on moving day.

Bethan E

If you are moving with your dog, get a blanket or towel they use and dab it on the walls at their height so they have their scent around the place. This makes them less anxious in a new environment and also less likely to 'create' their own scent!

Bethan E

Visit the house you're looking to buy at different times of the day to see what the parking is like in the evening or what the area is like during the day

Malcolm S

Measure the width of your new front door. I found that my 1900's terraced house had a narrower front door than is standard today. My sofa wouldn't fit so I had to arrange for storage until I could get someone to take out the window.

Richard B

Pay close attention to the sales particulars - be completely clear on what is staying at the property and what is not (including carpets and curtain poles!). Don't be afraid to ask questions or query anything unclear.

Ant E

Don't forget to take your own meter readings for all your utilities, don't want to be caught paying someone else's bill.

Wayne T