Updating your marketing permissions

As the law on data protection has changed, we are changing the way we capture marketing permissions for existing Members. So we don’t drift apart, Members will be asked to update their marketing permissions with us and provide consent to receiving marketing communications through mail, email, text or phone. Members will have until 12th July 2019 to act.

Between May and July if you are impacted by this change, we will contact you a few times to remind you to update your marketing permissions. If we don’t hear from you by 12th July, we will no longer be able to contact you with information on additional products and services. However, we will continue to send marketing communications to you as we do now until then.

As a member owned Building Society, we’re here to help you prosper in your home.  That’s why we want to continue to be able to share details of our products and services we think you’ll be interested in. This could include exclusive Member Fixed Rate Bonds with preferential savings interest rates or updates on how we are making a difference in your community.

A bunch of reasons to stay in touch

Stay in the loop

We'd love to be able to share details of products and services we think you'd be interested in.

Community matters

We know how important community is, that's why we want to share how we're making a difference in yours.

You're always in control

If you change your mind about how you'd like to receive marketing communications from us, just contact us or update your permission on any marketing email.

Personal preferences 

You decide exactly how you'd like us to keep in touch with you.

It only takes a minute

It's really easy to update your permissions, it takes less than a minute. Just complete the form in your communication.

Your security is our priority

Taking care of your information is our priority, which is why we only partner with companies who meet our security requirements.

Any questions?

See our FAQs below

How long will it take before my permissions are updated?

It can take up to 6 weeks for your permissions to change through our systems, so you may still continue to receive marketing communications the way you do now until then.

How do I know if my details have changed?

If you are registered for Your Account, once the permissions have been updated, you will receive an email to advise that you have a secure message. If you sign into Your Account, the message will inform you that we’ve updated your personal details. This confirmation is only available if changes are made through Your Account.

For Members who don’t have Your Account, you can Contact Us to check your permissions have been updated.

If I need to change or provide my email address or telephone / mobile number, how do I do this?

Please visit any branch or Contact Us to change your details. Alternatively, if you have registered for Your Account, you can change your details online. Please note, as we can only use one email address for all of our communications, if you would like to change this, you need to call us.

If I continue to opt in to marketing will I be inundated with marketing communications?

No, we limit the number of communications we send our Members. For example, where possible Members will not receive more than one marketing mailing every 4 weeks.

What happens if I do not update my marketing permissions?

If you do not update your marketing permissions before 12th July you will no longer receive any updates regarding new products and services we think could interest you.

If I change my mind can I opt out of further marketing communications?

Yes, you are always in control. You can opt out at any time by phoning our dedicated telephone line (0330 333 4435), unsubscribing on any email marketing communications, notifying your local branch or by registering for our Your Account service and updating the marketing permissions in your personal details profile.

I haven’t received a communication about this, how can I update my marketing permissions?

Please visit any branch or Contact Us to update your permissions. Alternatively, if you’ve registered for Your Account, you can check your details there, through the personal details section.

I’ve received a communication about this, even though I’ve updated my marketing permissions?

We're sorry that you've received another communication about this. It can take up to 6 weeks for your permissions to change through our systems, so you may still continue to receive marketing even if you have chosen not to. Please ignore this communication.

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  • If you have any questions or comments, or want more information, you can Contact Us or you can contact our Data Protection Officer as follows. Email: DPO@principality.co.uk Post: Principality Data Protection Officer, Principality Building Society, PO Box 89, Principality Buildings, Queen Street, Cardiff,CF10 1UA