Reinvest in a new bond

If we’ve contacted you to let you know that your Principality bond is maturing soon, and you’re planning on making a full reinvestment, you can do so online - simply fill out the form below. 

To see your options, take a look at our exclusive maturity range. These maturity products are available if you apply within 14 days of your maturity date. The advertised rates can be withdrawn or amended at any time, we apply the rate available on the date of application (please see the account terms).

If we don’t hear from you before maturity, your balance will automatically be moved into the account we told you about in your maturity notice. Once your money is in this account, you won’t need to give us any notice, and you can make withdrawals or close the account whenever you want.

If you wish to make a partial reinvestment, open a regular saver product, or fully close your account, then you must do so by post or by calling us.

Step 1

Have a look at our maturity products to find the one that's right for you. 

Step 2

Fill in the form below and tell us which product you wish to transfer your funds in to.

Step 3 

We'll process your request within 5 to 7 days and you'll receive confirmation once done!

  1. This form is for customers with a maturing Principality fixed rate bond who are making a full reinvestment only.
  2. Please only complete this form when you have received a notification from us telling you that your bond is due to mature. You will receive this notification 14 days before your bond matures.
  3. If there is any term you do not understand, please call us using the number on your letter.

About you

� If your bond is held in joint names please enter the names of all account holders. Otherwise these customer name fields can be left blank.

About your maturing savings product

� You can find your account name, number and maturity date on the letter we sent you.

� Please remove any leading zero and also any dash before the final two digits. You should be left with an 8 or 9 digit account number.


By submitting this form, I/We as the account holder(s) authorise the account opening and reinvestment as specified. I/We confirm that I/We have received and read the following leaflets:

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