Mortgage Payment Holiday Support

If you are currently on a Mortgage Payment Holiday with us, you will receive a letter two weeks before it’s due to end that outlines your new monthly repayments, along with your options for ongoing support. Once your payment holiday ends, you have a number of options:

Your Options

1. Restarting your mortgage payments

If you are comfortable with your new monthly payment, you should restart them. This will avoid accruing more interest. Please visit our Restarting Payments page to find out more.

2. Making an overpayment

If you’re in a better financial position following support and would like to make an overpayment to cover your missed mortgage payments, regularly or as a lump sum, please visit our Overpayments page to find out more

3. Requesting ongoing support, including a Mortgage Payment Holiday extension to a maximum of six months

We understand this is a challenging time for our members and so if you need further support we can explore a range of options with you. 


If you have not received a letter from us, need ongoing support, or are not currently on a Mortgage Payment Holiday and would like to understand your options, please click the button on this page.

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