Consumer Duty

Introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Consumer Duty ensures that all mortgage lenders provide brokers information enabling them to meet their responsibilities as distributors of mortgage products. 

We have been reviewing our product range and have put together Consumer Duty Product Information Sheets to help brokers comply with their responsibilities under the duty and support fairer outcomes for customers.  

Our product information sheets:

The information sheets provided to brokers fulfil our responsibilities under PRIN 2A.4.15 R, PRIN 2A.3.12 R (2), PRIN 2A.3.16 R and PRIN 2A.4.16 R. 

Other resources:


How do I share a customer’s vulnerability with Principality?

As always we ask our brokers to proactively share the vulnerabilities and support needs of customers with our Intermediaries Team where this information has been disclosed to you throughout the mortgage application journey. This can be carried out by either calling the team on 0330 333 4021 or emailing them via

Will there be updated guidance, or a related policy, on customer vulnerabilities ahead of the Consumer Duty implementation date?

Further guidance and information on our approach to supporting vulnerable customers, and how we can work together to ensure good outcomes for these customers, will be shared over the coming weeks and will be communicated out to brokers accordingly, including being published on this website.

This information related to Consumer Duty Fair Value Assessments is intended for broker use only and should not be distributed to customers.

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