Your Information

Why we collect it and what we use it for

Use of your information

We need to obtain, store and use information about you so that you can enjoy and benefit from our products and services. We understand that as a customer of Principality Building Society, you need to know that we take your concerns about keeping your information safe seriously and only use it for purposes that we have told you about.

We assure you that we will not disclose information about you or your accounts to anyone other than when we have your consent or where compliance with the law or regulation means that we have to disclose it.

Why we collect information from you

  • to confirm your identity (including electronically)
  • to carry out checks at credit reference agencies
  • to set up and administer your accounts
  • to let you know about other relevant products and services, both ours and those of our subsidiary companies and also those of financial service providers whose products and services we have agreed should be made available to you
  • to update and correct our customer records
  • to carry out statistical and market analyses, including benchmarking exercises, to enable us to understand you better and improve our products and services
  • to help prevent financial crime and to meet legal and regulatory compliance and reporting requirements
  • to develop, test and improve our systems 

What we do with your data

Most of the information we hold is stored electronically on computer systems. However, some data is held as manual or paper copies. We take particular care to ensure that our systems are secure to prevent anyone accessing your information unlawfully.

From time to time, we use external suppliers to process data on our behalf, for example to carry out mailing campaigns or to analyse data for us. We only use reputable companies and always ensure that they meet our stringent security requirements.

From time to time we will tell you about new accounts or services. You can choose not to receive this information when you open your account. You can change your instructions at any time, by writing to us with details of your savings and/or mortgage account number(s), to Head of Member Services at Principality Building Society, PO Box 89, Queen Street, Cardiff CF10 1UA.

However, if you have a savings account which is due to mature or a mortgage which is reaching the end of its special deal period, we will send you details of other appropriate products we have available. This is to help you decide what to do with your savings or if it is appropriate for you to move to another mortgage deal. Even if you have opted not to receive marketing material from us, we believe that this is a service you would expect from us. If you do opt out of receiving marketing communications from us you are likely to miss out on receiving details of new products and services, newsletters and other marketing communications which we think may be of interest to you.

We will in any event, continue to send notices of General Meetings if you are eligible to vote, and where appropriate information about your account and interest rate changes.

You have a right of access to your personal records (for which a fee will be payable) and to ask for any inaccuracies in the data we hold to be corrected. Should you wish to do so please write to: Head of Member Services, Principality Building Society, PO Box 89, Queen Street, Cardiff CF10 1UA.

You also have the right to apply to credit reference agencies for access to your personal details held by them.

System Testing

We are continually looking to improve our systems and provide a more efficient service. As part of our process, it may be necessary to use information provided by our Members for the purpose of system testing. We will ensure that any testing is carried out in a secure and controlled environment.

The organisations with which we share your data

Apart from as described above, in some specific instances we will need to share information about you with third parties. For example to meet our responsibilities for crime prevention and legal and regulatory compliance.

We will use third party agencies and credit reference agencies to verify information you have provided to us in any mortgage application you might make. 

The credit reference agencies we use are:

  • Experian, Consumer Help Service, PO Box 8000, Nottingham NG1 5GX
  • Callcredit PLC, 1 Park Lane, Leeds LS3 1EP

If you would like to see the information that they hold about you, please contact them in writing.

Fraud prevention and detection

We share personal data with a number of other financial service providers. We do this to protect ourselves against any fraudulent or other criminal activity. We may also carry out additional fraud prevention checks by using fraud prevention databases.

Please write to us at the following address if you want to receive details of the relevant fraud prevention agencies: Head of Member Services, Principality Building Society, PO Box 89, Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 1UA.

If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information. It is therefore vital that you provide us with accurate information at all times.

We and other organisations may access and use this information to prevent fraud and money laundering, for example, when:

  • Checking details on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities
  • Managing credit and credit related accounts or facilities
  • Recovering debt
  • Checking details on proposals and claims for all types of insurance
  • Checking details of job applicants and employees

We and other organisations may access and use from other countries the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies. Searches will be made for similar applications made to other lenders. All applications will be passed to National Hunter and if fraud is identified or suspected, these details will be made available to those lenders.

We subscribe to the following databases which share information relating to credit worthiness and help prevent fraud:

CIFAS: 6th Floor, Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9LT -*

National Hunter: PO Box 2756, Stoke on Trent, ST6 9AQ -*

Debt recovery

If you default on your obligations this will be recorded with credit reference agencies. This default will remain on the credit agencies’ records for a period of 6 years. Where your mortgage repayments and the default debt reach an unacceptable level, we may apply to Court for a Possession Order and Money Judgment. We may also take enforcement action via the Court and any necessary third party, to recover the debt. This course of action will necessitate in your personal details being shared with the Court and certain third parties involved in the legal procedure.

Occasionally, debt recovery proceedings may also become necessary in situations other than a mortgage default. Should such a situation arise you will be given an opportunity to repay the debt before court proceedings are issued against you.

Whenever the Society initiates legal action against you it will usually be necessary to disclose your details to the Court and other third parties that are involved in the legal process.

Use of sensitive data

While assisting in looking for insurance for you it will be necessary to collect and process information the Data Protection Act deems as “sensitive data” this will be data such as your health or criminal convictions. This will either be at the point of the product application or when a claim is made. We will always explain what information is required and the reason for requiring it . Your consent to its use will be required in order to proceed with any insurance application.

For information on data protection code of practice for surveillance cameras and personal information, please*.

Proving your identity

At Principality we need to confirm your identity before we can accept your application for a savings account or a mortgage.

  • This process protects you against identity theft, by making sure that no one else opens an account in your name
  • The law says that we have to check new customers’ identities to help prevent financial crime - for example when criminals open accounts under false names in order to invest money that they’ve obtained illegally

If you are an existing customer we may also ask to check your identity if:

  • You haven’t used your account for a long time as we are obliged to keep our records up to date;
  • You have changed your name or address (this is to prevent someone illegally taking over your account); or
  • The records we currently hold require updating, as we must ensure that the data held about you is accurate.

We will use third party agencies, and credit reference agencies for the purpose of verifying your identity to satisfy anti-money laundering requirements and they may supply us with information from various data sources, including information from the electoral register. The agency will record details of the search whether or not your application proceeds. The searches do not include details of your credit history and will not be seen or used by lenders to assess your ability to obtain credit.

Alternatively, we may ask you to provide physical forms of identification to verify your identity.

Electronic identification

Electronic identification is a safe and accurate way of confirming your identity and usually avoids the need for you to supply us with any paper documents. By completing an application document you agree to be electronically identified. The information you give us when you apply is checked against records held by third party agencies and credit reference agencies. Such searches are not seen by lenders or used to assess your ability to obtain credit.

The electronic identification process currently only applies to savings accounts. Paper based name and address documents will still be required for mortgage applications.

If we are unable to identify you electronically

Unfortunately it is not always possible to identify a person electronically. This is usually because there is insufficient quality data held centrally to provide us with the level of assurance we require. If that happens, we will need to see actual documents, to verify your identity.

Two documents are required if you’re applying in person at a branch.

One from the ‘Name Verification’ list, and one from the ‘Address Verification’ list.

Three documents are required if you’re applying by post or phone. One from the ‘Name Verification’ list on the back cover, one from the ‘Address Verification’ list and the third one which can be from either list.* Occasionally, documents will need the approval of our management. In these circumstances, we will usually be able to inform you within 48 hours if your application has been successful.

Name Verifcation

  • Current signed UK Passport
  • Current signed full UK Driving Licence* (old paper style licence accepted also) 
  • EU member state ID card* /EU Passport†
  • HM Revenue and Customs Tax Notification* (under 12 months old)
  • Non EU Passport and valid visa°
  • State pension or benefits document or notification from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) confirming the right to benefits* (under 12 months old)

Under 19's only

  • Birth Certificate
  • Provisional photo-card driving licence*

Address Verification

  • Gas and electricity bill (under 3 months old)
  • Water bill (under 12 months old)
  • Local Authority tax bill (under 12 months old)
  • Letter from a Government Department about your personal affairs (under 12 months old)
  • Solicitor’s letter confirming completion of house purchase or land registration together with proof of previous address (under 6 months old)
  • Mortgage Statement (under 12 months old)
  • Local Authority or Housing Association tenancy agreement (under 12 months old)
  • Official letters from a care or nursing home confirming residence (under 12 months old)
  • Bank, Building Society (savings) or credit card statement (under 3 months old and not online print out)

Under 19’s only

  • Official letter from a school, college or university confirming attendance (Under 12 months old)
  • Parent’s address verification with introductory letter or Child Introduction Form (available on request)
  • Official letter from DWP confirming National Insurance number*

* Documents marked with the asterisk can be used for either name or address verification but not both
† EU documents must be accompanied by a residence Permit from the Home Office
° Non EU documents must have a valid Visa

Important Notes

  • If you’ve changed your name and you’re providing proof of your new name, you will need to provide a marriage certificate or deed poll or decree absolute document.
  • If you are opening a Principality Account for a child, please ask us for a ‘Child Introduction Form’. You will need to provide proof of your name and address, and proof of the child’s name (usually a birth certifcate).
  • If you are acting under a Power of Attorney you must provide identification for both yourself and your principal as well as the Power of Attorney document itself.
  • Each solicitor acting on behalf of clients must provide a practising certificate as evidence of identity for themselves and a letter on their headed paper, confirming the name and address of the client. We insist on at least two solicitors acting as signatories.
  • We will retain a copy of your documents in order to satisfy Anti-Money Laundering regulations.
  • Each document provided must be from a different source, for example we will not accept two documents from the DWP to verify both name and address.
  • Copy documents will only be accepted if they are officially certified by a solicitor, a registered accountant, a bank official or an individual regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. The copy documents must be within the date parameters shown in the table above. The wording must state “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document which I have witnessed” and must include the certifier’s name, address, position, employer or firm, with a signature and date.
  • We will not accept the following documents in any circumstances:
    1. Mobile phone bills
    2. TV Licences
    3. Documents printed from the internet or a personal computer
    4. Out of date documents
    5. Unsigned passports or driving licenses
    6. P45s and P60s
    7. Counterpart to the photo-card driving licence by itself†
    8. Photo-card licences where the photograph has become invalid (photographs are valid for 10 years only).

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