Here you'll find answers relating to our new registration process for MSO.

I can’t register online, does my company have to be registered first?

If your firm has never registered with us, they will need to fill out the firm registration form before individual brokers can register with us. All firms that were registered with us on our previous system will be transferred to our new MSO system, but individual brokers will still need to re-register. 

Can I have more than one mortgage club set up?

Yes, your payment routes are set up against your firm, please call us to add or remove any clubs.

DIPs and credit score

Here you'll find answers relating to DIPs and credit checks.

Can I get a DIP for Buy to Let and Holiday let applications?

Yes, our new system has a Buy to Let and Holiday Let DIP facility, you will now be able to obtain an DIP certificate for both Buy to Let and Residential applications providing the credit decision is accepted.

Does a DIP leave a hard or a soft footprint?

A DIP will leave a soft footprint, only a full mortgage application will leave a hard footprint.

What should I do if I get a refer decision at DIP stage?

Please proceed to full application and once your application is submitted, upload any documents according to the case requirements. There is no requirement to contact our intermediary team or your BDM, unless you wish to discuss specific concerns related to your customer's circumstances.


Here you'll find answers relating to the types of applications you can submit through MSO.

Can I submit a transfer of equity?

Applications which are transfer of equity only need to be completed using our Mortgage Advisers. Please ask your client to call them on 0330 333 4020.

Can I submit affordable housing scheme applications to MSO?

Yes, affordable housing scheme applications can be processed through MSO. Please refer to our latest mortgage range for availability.

Do I need to upload a direct debit mandate?

For the vast majority of cases the direct debit agreement is included within your MSO application, therefore there is no requirement to upload this document. However if the bank account from which the mortgage is being paid is a joint account that requires more than one signature in order for the direct debit to be authorised by the bank, then a signed paper direct debit mandate will need to be uploaded to the case. Please call through to the intermediary team to arrange for a case requirement to be applied to the application as we are not able to recognise the need for this up front.

Can I submit further lending applications?

Not at the moment. Please ask your client to contact one of our Mortgage Advisers on 0330 333 4020 to complete their further lending application.

Can I submit a porting case?

Yes, please contact your BDM who will be happy to explain the process to you.

Existing clients

Here you'll find answers relating to the applications you can submit for existing clients.

Can I submit a product transfer using MSO?

Yes, you can submit a product transfer using MSO.

Visit product transfers for more information. 

Solicitors and valuations

Here you'll find answers to your questions relating to solicitors and valuations.

How do I know which conveyancers are on your panel?

We have a Smoove conveyancer search function which will enable you to check if a solicitor or conveyancer is on our panel.

If a solicitor or conveyancer is not on our panel, they should apply with Smoove directly at This should be completed within 48 hours of the request.

Should they need further support, they can contact Smoove via telephone: 01844 390 821 or email at

Who do you use for Mortgage Surveys

We use Connells Surveyors.

Are desktop valuations possible?

Yes, desktop valuations will be used where possible, with specific limitations being applicable. The application must be for a residential remortgage with an LTV of 75% or lower. The property must be a house that is not listed, with no more than 2 storeys, and of standard construction. The value and purchase price is limited to £500,000 and the maximum loan size limited to £400,000. For any application outside of this criteria, a physical valuation will be instructed.

What happens if I choose Separate Representation?

We do not offer Separate Representation at the present time and so any Solicitor or Conveyancer chosen must be on the Principality approved Panel. 

If your Solicitor/Conveyancer wishes to be added to our panel, then this must be completed prior to the application being submitted.

MSO users

Here you'll find answers relating to the different users on MSO and proc fees.

Can my colleagues and admin support team check the progress of my applications and submit business on my behalf?

Yes, administrators can register separately, submit applications on your behalf, track cases and upload documents. You can restrict which administrators can deal with your cases or you can allow all of your administrators to access your cases.

What is the difference between Broker, Administrator, Supervisor and Case Viewer roles when I register?

You will be able to register as a broker, admin, supervisor or case viewer.

  • Broker – an individual qualified to give mortgage advice i.e. can submit the application on MSO & track cases
  • Administrator – can create new and update existing cases on behalf of Brokers. They are nominated by the Broker.
  • Supervisor – can view all of their firm’s cases and can transfer cases between Brokers. This is oversight/ management access to view the whole firm.  They cannot amend the cases.
  • Case Viewer – can view the cases. This is often used by companies to complete QA. They cannot amend the cases.

A user can select more than one role in some scenarios e.g. you can be a broker and an administrator or a broker and a supervisor.

How is my procuration fee paid?

Directly authorised brokers are paid via a mortgage club. Appointed representatives are paid via the network.


Here you'll find answers relating to any affordability changes on MSO.

How do I apply for higher loan to interest (LTI) mortgages?

If your client qualifies for enhanced affordability e.g. related to our newly qualified professionals offer, please call your local BDM. They can confirm affordability and support you with submitting your application. MSO reflects our standard affordability model.

My client qualifies for your 95% LTV product but it isn’t sourcing on MSO, what do I do?

Our 95% LTV lending is criteria specific and sometimes offered on a limited distribution basis. Please check you have selected the correct payment route and answered the property related questions in the DIP.