Intermediaries Mortgage Lending Criteria

Our mortgage lending criteria can be downloaded below.

This contains information on our LTV ratios and higher lending fees.

We've made some changes to our mortgage lending criteria, which you need to be aware of:

  • We require 3 years address history
  • IVA’s and bankruptcies must be discharged for 6 years before we can consider an application
  • We will still include financial commitment in the affordability calculation for purchase transactions even the equity from the sale is used to repay the debt at, or prior to completion. 
  • We will include rent as a cost to the client when assessing maximum affordability for shared equity purchases
  • We will calculate the rental income using an average of the projected low, mid and high season weekly rental yields, typically multiplied by an assumed occupancy level of 30 weeks and divided by 12 months rather than the 24 weeks that we used previously

In light of COVID-19, we also made some temporary changes to the way that we assess affordability for employed and self-employed income types, to ensure that customers get the right mortgage for their current circumstances. The affordability calculator on our website has not been amended to reflect these changes, please bear this in mind when using it to calculate your self-employed applicants affordability.

If you require further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact your local BDM or the Intermediary Desk BDM Team.

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Mortgage Lending Criteria Download our Mortgage Lending Criteria

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