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Thanks to our expert Desk BDM Team, you can relax in the knowledge that your pre-application enquiries can be dealt with swiftly. Our team are ex-senior underwriters and are ready to answer your calls in seconds – resolving all of your case queries, giving you more time to spend with your customers.

Did you know that our average call answering time for August and year-to-date is
8 seconds

Desk BDM Team Assistance:

"Last week, my field BDM was on annual leave, so I called Principality’s head office and spoke with one of the desk BDM’s.

My client had a complicated credit file and I needed to talk it through with someone. Rather than using a “computer says no approach”, the Desk BDM called one of the dedicated underwriters, who talked through the case and requested an additional document simply to verify the explanation provided.

The case was then reviewed as normal, and I’m pleased to say the client had their mortgage offer through last week. It was excellent service with a can do attitude and flexible approach to underwriting. I’ll definitely think twice before assuming a decline can’t be looked at”.

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