Wales House Price Index

As Wales’ biggest building society with a strong purpose of helping people to prosper in their homes, we’ve partnered with Acadata to launch Wales’ first ever official House Price Index (HPI), providing the people of Wales with an average property price in each of the 22 local authorities across Wales. We’ll release the data every quarter, with our exclusive commentary on the findings.


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The average house price in Wales is £196,165. 

Graphic showing an annual change increase of 3%

Graphic showing quarterly change increase of 2.2%

Graphic showing the average house price of £196,165

Graphic showing a 58% fall in transactions

How we collate our data

Our quarterly House Price Index is prepared for us by Acadata Ltd. The data used is supplied by the Land Registry. This ensures that all house purchases in Wales are taken into account, reflecting actual transacted prices, mixed and seasonally adjusted utilising Acadata’s proprietary methodology.

Legal Information

The Principality House Price Index for Wales is prepared from dataset provided by Acadata using its methodology.  It is published as a secondary source of economic information, but is not intended to be relied on for any commercial or personal decisions and no responsibility is assumed by Principality or Acadata if it is used contrary to that intention.

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