Our Values

Our valued colleagues play an important role in helping our Members flourish, feel secure, and have a sense of self-worth and wellbeing. Our values dictate how we work together as a team to achieve our purpose, providing the framework to influence how we work together and how we behave with our Members.

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We Make It Straightforward 

We make all our communications clear, jargon free and be able to be understood by all. 

We always 'keep it simple' - strive to make our everyday interactions easy, with both customer and colleagues.

We say 'what we see' and continuously call out opportunities to improve processes and increase productivity. 

We say less, listen more. Be empathetic, yet honest and straight - talking. 

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We Do The Right Thing

We stay true to the Society's purpose. Whilst celebrating success', shouting about diversity and recognise outstanding contribution. 

We utilise external benchmarks, knowledge and networks to make objective decisions that continue to move forward. 

We always pay due regards, care and considerations for colleagues and our customers.

We ensure that we make decisions that are based on facts, our own experience and sound judgement.

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We Deliver With Passion

We seek enjoyment in everything we do, working hard for each other and our customers.

We strive to be the best we can be at what we do whilst committed to our organisations shared purpose. 

We will be tenacious in solving problems on behalf of customers and colleagues. 

We build strong relationships, encouraging involvement and engagement of others, sharing of ideas and regular communications. 

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We're Courageous

We're confident in standing firm for what's right for our customers and colleagues. 

We appropriately and effectively challenge the status quo despite potential opposition. 

We ensure we stand firm and true to our core purpose of helping our customers. 

We embrace change, respond positively and act upon constructive feedback without being defensive.

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We Take Ownership

We always take responsibility for our actions, behaviour and decisions we make. 

We develop the right knowledge, skills and capability to ensure we build a business that is fit for the future. 

We create an open, collaborative workplace that promotes two - way communication and values feedback. 

We ensure that all expectations we set ourselves, customers and colleagues are realistic, clear and achievable.


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