Financial Education

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As a Society, we are passionate about being able to teach children and young people how to appreciate and manage money, which will equip them with valuable skills for life. Since 2019, 20,000 young people have received financial education and careers based lessons as part of our commitment to supporting schools in the teaching of financial education.

Financial Education at home

We’ve launched a new children’s hub and app for your little learners. The Dylan’s Saving Squad hub is full of fun games, designed to help children aged 5-11 learn all about money and saving, and we’ll soon be introducing resources for teachers too. Click below to get started. 

Available in English and Welsh.

Current Programmes

Although we can’t take workshop bookings at the moment, you can use our range of games on Dylan’s Saving Squad or download Dylan’s Den app to teach your little learner about money and saving.

If your little learner is looking to learn about the world of work, explore the Fiver Challenge at Home enterprise programme below.

If you’d like to find out more about our financial education programmes, please email the Responsible Business team at

Fiver Challenge

From Summer 2020 we are delighted to be working with Young Enterprise in supporting the Fiver Challenge and Fiver from Home Challenge, as part of our ongoing commitment to financial education across Wales.

The Fiver Challenge is a highly interactive way of bringing learning to life for primary aged children. The challenge is a national enterprise challenge that gives students aged 5-11 the opportunity to create, research and plan a business that starts with just a £5 note.

Young Money fiver challenge

With the support of Principality Building Society, Fiver from Home is now available in the Welsh language and we are working collaboratively with the aim of ensuring more schools and students across Wales get the chance to gain these valuable entrepreneurial skills.

To find out how you can participate, click the button below.  You will find further information and everything you need to take part, including an activity book, word guide, top tips for students and parents and a participation certificate.

Take part here

Business Class

We are proud to be partnered with 5 schools across Wales as part of the Business Class school programme, led by Business in the Community and Careers Wales, along with helping an additional 14 schools.

The partnerships involve sponsorship for pupils to complete recognised financial qualifications with the London Institute of Banking & Finance, some of which are equivalent to a GCSE qualification. Since 2017, over 1100 pupils have gained qualifications. We also work closely with 3 schools on the Young Money Centre of Excellence in Financial Education programme.

Financial Education Centre of Excellence

As part of our commitment to financial education we are proud to be working with Young Money on the Financial Education Centre of Excellence programme in south Wales.

We have long term partnerships with a number of secondary schools as part of the Business Class programme and both Ysgol y Strade in Llanelli and Ysgol Nantgwyn in Tonypandy have been sponsored by us to take part in the Financial Education Centre of Excellence programme.

Ysgol y Strade successfully gained Centre of Excellence status in early 2020 and Ysgol Nantgwyn are currently working towards the status, and are progressing rapidly. Another one of school partners, Ysgol Bro Myrddin in Carmarthen have been successful with the programme -  we help them with regular curriculum activity and sponsorship of recognised financial qualifications.

The Financial Education Centre of Excellence programme supports schools in developing sustainable and impactful provisions in financial education, including inspiring lessons, staff development, good practice sharing and leadership.

Learn more at Young Enterprise.

Talk Money Week

Talk Money Week is an annual event in support of the Financial Capability Strategy for the UK, with the aim of getting people talking about money.

We are greatly supportive of Talk Money Week and will continue to be involved each year, by teaching financial education to schools across Wales and the borders. 

During Talk Money and Pensions Week 2019 our colleagues visited 30 schools across Wales to deliver financial education sessions based on the story of Goose's Cake Bake. Commissioned by Principality, Laura Wall's Goose's Cake Bake storybook tells the story of a child who organises a bake sale to raise money to buy books, using themes of entrepreneurship, decision making and financial education throughout.

For Talk Money Week 2019 we asked primary school children in Wales what they were saving for.

Principality Savings School

We have partnered with leading Science Discovery Centre Xplore! to deliver financial education programmes across North Wales, Chester and Shrewsbury. During September – November 2019 11 schools received interactive and engaging money management lessons.

Cupcake day fun with Goose and Friends

Taking part in a cupcake day for charity? 

Based on Laura Wall’s ‘Goose’s Cake Bake’ storybook, we’ve created an activity pack that teaches numeracy and financial education skills. The pack also includes a fun cupcake day recipe and cupcake design activity! For students in Key Stage 1 (aged 5-7 years).

Click here to download the activity pack for your little baker.



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